1 день назад - 12.04.2021

Digital Communications Specialist


Адрес: Киев, Соломенский, Берестейская
Контакт: Татьяна Захарчук


Social Media Communications

  • Creates, leads and executes the overall editorial plan for the social media Acino in Ukraine with support CIS region (copywriting, design, posts)
  • Work with external requests in SM for UA and CIS region
  • Create design with collaboration of the internal team and/or via agency partner as needed
  • Monitoring in SM
  • Actively learn and apply knowledge of best practices and trends
  • Analyze and report on SM performance, including sharing actionable insights for optimizing campaigns to improve engagement metrics and list growth


  • acino.ua website content generation and publication via WordPress
  • acino.swiss website content providing from UA&CIS region
  • Other Acino's websites in UA&CIS region content and brand support
  • Analytics

Online and Internal Communications

  • Intranet platform generation and publication (coordination with functions and countries in CIS region) to shape an overall region news flow
  • Intensifies collaboration of informal global communications network Yammer
  • Breaks down silos, encourages cross-functional ways of working

Digital projects and activities

  • Support any digital projects, initiatives and activities with ideas, content, materials, design (internal&external).
  • Act as an ambassador for the brand and digital identity, ensuring consistent branding

Brand Communications

  • Supports the implementation of the refreshed Acino corporate brand across all functions, UA&CIS region and communication digital channels
  • Elevate brand awareness and drive brand through digital channels

Production and/or project management of a variety of communication elements


  • 2-5 years experience in an multinational company covering a variety of communication areas (internal, external, online, etc.)
  • Excellent online communication skills, knowledge and experience with social media and websites (internal/external)
  • Expert knowledge and skills in Web Analytics, production latest techniques such as Photoshop etc, video programs, graphics and editing tools
  • Experience with Corporate Communications projects, especially internal campaigns
  • Excellent writing skills in Ukrainian and Russian to create unique and exciting content. Strong writing and basic communication skills in English.
  • Creativeness and Detail Oriented: Capable to detail with the ability to shoot and write a great stories on their own or with a team for all our digital platforms.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and meet deadlines while displaying a high sense of urgency
  • Bachelor Degree in Corporate Communications, Journalism, PR or a related field e.g. Marketing, Business Administration or Sociology
  • Experience in Pharmaceutical industry will be an advantage

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