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Sales Development Representative


Адрес: Киев, Проспект Победы,42
Контакт: Наталія

Hello SDR of our dreams! We are looking for both seasoned Sales Development Managers as well as rookies who just want to start their sales journey.

What skills you’ll need?

  • Experience working with LinkedIn and email prospecting;
  • Excellent writing and speaking abilities at least Upper Intermediate;
  • Structured and consistent approach to lead nurturing;
  • Strong will to full-fill monthly and quarterly objectives;
  • Understanding of sales pipeline management;

Nice to have:

  • Education & experience living outside of Ukraine;
  • Experience launching side-projects, startups, building communities, etc.
  • Wast networking;

What are the responsibilities?

  • Qualify both inbound and outbound leads;
  • Communication on Upwork, Linkedin, and email prior to qualification;
  • Structured work with disqualified leads and prospects;
  • Reply no longer than in one working hour;
  • Set-up the LD & email campaigns;
  • Provide reports on the outbound campaigns;

Key metrics of success

  • Amount of Verified Opportunities from the channel assigned;
  • % of MQL > SQL no less than X depending on channel you’ll be working with
  • Verified Opportunities from Outbound Sales — min. $50k/m;
  • Average response time is less than 1 working hour;

What do we offer?

  • Bonus system based on the key metrics;
  • Work with people who care about what they do;
  • Competitive environment, we challenge ourselves every day;
  • Potential to the rapid growth;
  • No bureaucracy, even though we already have systematic approach to Sales.

What we offer in return:

  • Full-time position, flexible hours
  • Cozy office with a gorgeous panorama of the city
  • Office close to the Shulyavka metro 5-minute walking time
  • Freedom and 0-bureaucracy environment we’re here to change the world, so no time for micromanagement
  • Interesting projects that make sense and bring value to final users we don’t work for the sake of working
  • Bright and friendly team on each project
  • We are ready to invest in your education and self-improvement

Про компанію fulcrum

Welcome to Fulcrum!

Put shortly — we are a design & development company. We create apps, websites for businesses worldwide.

How are we different from others? Our major goal is to bring value. This means we work on interesting, worthwhile projects & always have a say in what we do.

Entrepreneurship is our DNA. Talents — our core value.

On every project stage we ask ourselves only 3 questions:

1. Will it bring value to the Customers?

2. Is the process worth the result?

3. Are we happy doing this?

The business we serve:

  • Gaming;
  • Food delivery, Restaurants;
  • Online markets, marketplaces;
  • Transport, Logistics;
  • Everything whatever else if the idea is catching.

Here is our main technology stack:

1.Backend: node.js, nest.js, Python, PostgreSQL, Elastic Stack, Redis, Kafka, AmazonMQ, microservices, gRPC

2. Frontend: React, Redux, Vue, SSR, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Getsby, Electron

3. Mobile: React Native, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter

4. DevOps: AWS, GPC, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, bash

Life is about continuous learning, so we never stop.

We’re having fun every day by working hard — come join us!

Сайт компанії:


Сторінка компанії на DOU:


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