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Стажування у відділі продажів

15 000 грн.

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Работа в Стажування у відділі продажів
полная занятость
Английский (выше среднего)

Описание вакансии

As a Sales intern you will have responsibilities from day one and will be working on a special 3-6 months project assigned by our managers, who will share their experience and will guide you throughout your internship program. You will have a chance to learn from highly qualified professionals how to influence our customer's decisions in critical business areas. For a period of time you will become an integral part of a unique P&G corporate culture.


Sales department leads the interface with our customers and develops strategic selling concepts and activities to grow P&G's business and the customers' sales. We work with our customers, whether in stores, retailers, headquarters, influencers or end-users, to align strategies and exchange capabilities, competencies and assets. The common objective is that both companies achieve greater turnover, market share and profitability than they could have achieved separately.


P&G offers:

-Leadership development opportunity;

-Internship GROSS salary - 15000 UAH.


We are looking for:

  • Leaders who make things happen, analytical thinkers and problem solvers, and excellent communicators.
  • Individuals who set priorities and follow through on commitments, who work effectively with diverse groups of people, and who demonstrate creativity, innovation and initiative.



  • Ukrainian citizenship;
  • Student (4-6 year) or fresh graduate up to 2 years;
  • Full-time employment for internship;
  • Upper-intermediate level of English;
  • Important: Valid driver's license or desire to obtain to be hired to managerial position in future.



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