Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Компания: Miratech / Миратех
  • Регион: Киев
  • Отрасль компании: IT - разработка ПО
  • Рубрика: IT
  • Контактное лицо: Recruiting department
  • Контактный телефон: +38XXXXXXXXXX показать
  • Владение языками: Английский (выше среднего)
  • Вид занятости: полная занятость

Company Description

Miratech is a global IT services and consulting company that brings together global enterprise innovation and start-up innovation. Today we support digital transformation for the largest enterprises on the planet. Our highly professional team achieves success with 99% of IT projects in financial, telecommunication and technology domains since Miratech inception in 1989. Technical complexity is our passion, stability is our standard, friendly work environment is our style. We empower our employees to grow together with the company, to achieve ambitious goals, to be a part of international relentless team which helps the visionaries to change the world.


Job Description

About the Role

As an DevOps Engineer person responsible for supporting and maintaining application running on private and public cloud infrastructure environments (such as AWS / Google Cloud). You will be involved into analysis of new client's needs following by provision of recommendations on required cloud infrastructure, technical strategy and design.

You will interact daily with internal employees, external customers relationships along with leadership staff to insure their needs are being met and issues are resolved.

You will work in a multicultural environment with talented colleagues all over the globe.  



  • Assist project teams with technical issues in all phases of a projects life cycle. These include definition of hardware and cloud infrastructure needs, technical strategy, research and development within the project life-cycle, technical analysis and design;
  • Engineering of infrastructure related solutions for various project and operational needs;
  • Automate software builds, configuration, and deployments to testing and production environments;
  • Research and develop system to implement CI and auto deployments;
  • Develop system to monitor production systems and trigger alerts when issues are detected using Zabbix, Nagios, Stackdriver;
  • Diagnose internal networks and debug networking issues;
  • Continually investigate methods to improve system reliability and performance.



  • Designing and developing scripts/tools for Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployments;
  • Designing and developing automation templates/tools for infrastructure provisioning, configuration & change management;
  • Building and deploy web applications to dev/test/prod environments;
  • Automating configuration management, infrastructure, and application deployments in a toolset such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible or Salt;
  • Experience with Docker and containerization strategies;
  • Developing automation for application running on private and public cloud infrastructure environments such as AWS / Google Cloud;
  • Source control using tools such as GIT;
  • Automation of applications through RESTful APIs;
  • Scripting skills in a language such as Shell, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, or PowerShell;
  • Experience with software testing, including designing and implementing unit, component, and system-level tests;
  • Background in network or storage design and administration is a plus;
  • Experience with OpenShift platform otherwise Kubernetes or Docker Swarm is a plus;
  • Problem identification skills for issue resolution and root cause analysis;
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills;
  • English - Fluent;
  • Ability to travels across Europe and US.


Additional Information

What we propose:

  • Management of Enterprise level;
  • Strong opportunities for professional and career growth at a rapidly growing international professional services organization;
  • Competitive compensation, variable and flexible bonus systems;
  • Professional development support and professional certification opportunities;
  • Flexible work schedule with a possibility for teleworking.


Особенности вакансии


  • Senior/Старший специалист

Вид занятости

  • Полная занятость

Знание языка

  • Английский язык
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