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Finance Assistant

1 месяц назад
29 августа 2022
Киев вулиця Обсерваторна, 10.


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in finance, Accounting or Economics

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Work experience as a Finance Assistant, Finance Officer, Accountant, or similar role


  • Good knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures
  • Advanced MS Excel skills (creating spreadsheets and using financial functions)
  • Familiarity with accounting software (SAGA)
  • Good level of English
  • Extreme attention to detail, with an ability to spot numerical errors
  • Self-Organizational skills and ability to work with minimum level of supervision


Updating financial spreadsheets with daily transactions

Preparing monthly balance sheets

Tracking and reconciling bank statement

Keep updated and well organized all supporting documents

Respect and follow-up the ACTED’s financial procedures

Deal with transfers and exchanges of money

Manage the petty cash

Manage banking payments

Cash flow follow-up (PRATIC)

Assist the internal auditor by gathering, compiling and analyzing financial, logistical and administrative information


  1. Manage Finance Transactions 
  • Update financial spreadsheets with daily transactions
  • Record accounts payable and accounts receivable in Excel and SAGA;
  • Prepare balance sheets
  • Track and reconcile bank statements
  • Process invoices and follow up with Logistics department, suppliers and partners as needed;
  • Provide administrative support during budget preparation
  • File the invoices of the mission
  • Carry out the double filing of accounting vouchers on a monthly basis
  • Checking partner’s documents for compliance them with ACTED procedures

2. Manage the Petty Cash Payments

  • Manage the advance cash and update the cash ledger
  • Check purchase approval and release required funds 
  • Enter advance requests in the advance book
  • Receive and check the eligibility of invoices submitted for payment (compliance with purchase order, required information)
  • Enter purchase invoices in cash book
  • Pay Cash Advances (mainly for staff’ travel)
  • Close the cash account every month: physical counting, printing of accounting documents, check of supporting documents
  • Translate supporting accounting/ payment documents as needed
  • Offer possible accounting advance procedure improvements.

3. Monthly Bundle from the Base:

  • Organize and check the timely receipt of the bases’ monthly accounting 
  • Check accounting document information, including consistency between vouches and cash books, physical counting and balances
  • Check the bases’ electronic accounting consistency: accounting codes, project codes, budget lines, titles
  • Check and ensure invoice eligibility
  • Check accounting voucher submissions (translation, numbering, layout)
  • Suggest amendments to be made in the event of errors to the Finance Manager

4. Ensure compliance with purchasing procedures:

  • Perform quality control of the tendering procedure
  • Ensure quality control of the invoices
  • Check the nature of the document and its presentation (photocopy, original, pro forma, translation, date, signature, stamp, terms used, accuracy of calculations, etc.)

5. File and archive the documents:

  • Photocopy all the invoices
  • File the originals according to budget (contract) and budget line
  • Check that all the invoices are present for each budget line and each contract
  • Whenever possible, improve the quality of the presentation of documents: translation, date (according to the data base file), addition of a calculation note (ticket), etc.
  • After the monthly accounting closure check the accounting codes, the project codes and the budget codes
  • File the photocopies of invoices according to the books (cash and bank) of all work bases
  • File everything very conscientiously 
  • In rea case of costs reallocation, reclassify the invoices according to their new budget lines if necessary, particularly when they have been used in various operations (redistribution of the initial budget lines)

6. Participate in quarterly and annual audits

  • At the end of the contract or annually, prepare the files to be sent to headquarters (final checking of invoices and their presence, complete the risk file if necessary)
  • Prepare the document base on external/ internal Auditors query 
  • Finalize the dispatch of files by adding labels and adequate packaging


  • Accuracy of the Base monthly bundle
  • Degree of autonomy of finance team
  • Accuracy in SAGA entries
  • Accuracy in Cash payments


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