3 часа назад - 13.04.2021

Middle JavaScript Developer

Lemberg Solutions Limited

Адрес: Львов, Федьковича, 60 а

Hello! We are Lemberg — technology consulting, software & hardware engineering company, based in Lviv, Ukraine. Startups and established businesses rely on our industry expertise to build new products and deliver digital transformation.

Lemberg is, above all, a team of passionate professionals led by a core team that has been meticulously selected for more than ten years now.

Each and every one of our 100+ individuals is highly appreciated for their hard work because we know that Lemberg’s success is based on our people’s achievements.

We value People over Process and constantly looking for motivated, enthusiastic and talented professionals to join us in our journey.

We are currently looking for: Middle JavaScript Developer

Necessary skills and qualifications:

  • 2+ years of working experience with any of modern frontend frameworks: React.js/Angular

  • Deep understanding of JavaScript

  • Good knowledge of TypeScript

  • Familiarity with one or more automation testing framework

  • Solid knowledge of the REST API

  • Hands-on experience with GitFlow

  • At least Intermediate English level

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with:

  • Node.js

  • Redux Thunk/ Redux Saga / Vuex

  • Next.js and Server-Side Rendering

  • RDBMS: MySQL/PostgreSQL

  • NoSQL databases such as mongoDB

  • Docker

  • GraphQL, Apollo Server/Client

What we offer:

At Lemberg you will find exciting and challenging projects (check out lembergsolutions.com/work), a friendly and engaging professional Team. You will work with Customers located around the Globe, meet them in our office and travel to visit their locations. Also you will have a chance to work on internal R&D projects (lembergsolutions.com/work/labs), your own ideas, become a part of local and global communities, contribute to Open Source (https://github.com/lemberg), visit conferences and industry events.

Discover more career opportunities for yourself at Lemberg or sign up to receive news about new job opening at our website.

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