1 день назад - 28.09.2020

Head of Performance Management


Адрес: Киев


The responsibility of the Head Performance Management is to provide support to the Head of Learning and Development in developing strategic and operational leadership in the design, development, implementation, administration, and communication of Performance Management Framework in the Bank. S/he oversees and manages all activities related to the performance management cycle and manages all communication and monitoring of the process to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to the business needs.

Key Competencies

  • Ability to think conceptually and strategically, while maintaining a cost-conscious and practical approach to using time and resources

  • Ability to maintain long-term, big picture views

  • Ability to work successfully with management team

  • Strong project planning skills and ability to design, implement and advise on performance management initiatives and programs

  • Skill in aligning strategic and operational needs with performance management concepts and processes

  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to plan, organise, coordinate, multitask and prioritise under pressure

  • Strong analytical capabilities and facilitation skills

Job responsibilities

  • Design, implement and monitor Performance Management to enable employees and teams understanding of the goals of the Bank and to identify how individual and team outputs contribute to the achievement of the Bank's objectives; carries out cascading of business goals and Key Performance Indicators across the Bank.

  • Work in liaison with key stakeholders to establish and support the link between strategic business objectives and staff day-to-day actions and tasks by implementing a process for tracking performance from goal setting, mid-year reviews and end of year evaluations to support individual, team and organizational performance

  • Ensure targeted communication in the performance management process to enable managers to effectively evaluate and measure individual and team performance and to optimize performance and productivity

  • Manage and coordinate the Bank-wide efforts to ensure that performance management and performance improvement programs are developed and managed using a data-driven approach that sets priorities for improvements in line with on-going strategic plans

  • Develop and communicate the strategic vision, scope, priorities, processes, systems and tools of the performance management unit

  • Provide leadership and coordination for Performance Management and improvement initiatives, ensuring their alignment to improving the Bank's operational and program efficiencies and effectiveness; and evaluating their impact on organizational performance

  • In liaison with the Compensation & Benefits department, contribute to the design, implementation, and management of effective motivational and recognition programs to reward staff performance

  • In liaison with the Recruitment, Learning & Development contribute to the design, implementation and management of effective leadership and employee development and talent management initiatives to address performance gaps related to capacity/knowledge gaps among staff and overall talent sourcing, management and mobility programs

  • Design, implement and manage organization-wide performance training/capacity building for all levels of employees and management to drive for positive and measurable impact on the culture and performance of the Bank

  • Collaborate and advise on the design of Human Resources Information System infrastructure required to support a Bank-wide performance system; ensuring for collecting the data, regular reporting and giving recommendations for future improvements, based on the data

  • Drive the Bank-wide processes for sharing best practice, and on-going communication activities for performance improvement

  • Develop and disseminate guidelines and necessary regulations to ensure effective implementation of performance management processes in the Bank.

  • Lead, manage and monitor the design, implementation and effective use of feedback process and coordination of development discussions between managers and their staff

  • Design capacity development interventions and coordinate the implementation of learning programs and coaching activities to address areas of development to enhance performance management practice across the Bank

  • Lead initiatives for introducing/maintaining best practices, including benchmarking relevant policies and practices with financial institutions and similar organizations on the market.

Minimum Requirements

  • Master's degree in Human Resources Management, Organisational Development, Social Sciences, Business Administration, or related discipline

  • 5+ years of relevant experience in Human Resources, especially in staff Performance management processes and tools, or other related Human Resources field

  • Experience in leading performance improvement programs

  • Proven track record in development and implementation of systems and tools that support Performance Management processes/activities, in a complex business environment

  • Knowledge and understanding of people management theories/ principles and ability to coach others around best practices

  • Fluent Ukrainian and English (oral and written)

  • Proficiency in using MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint


Additional professional qualification/certification in Human Resources Management, or in performance management is advantageous.

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