5 дней назад - 22.11.2020

Linkbuilder (English)


Адрес: Киев, Политехнический институт

We think that creating great products requires impeccable teamwork. Regardless of what your role is, every task, every pixel, every code line makes a difference.

We believe that qualitative linkbuilding strategy is one of the essential steps in the site promotion process, and you need to be comfortable with multi-tasking within different-typed links life cycle.

As a Linkbuilding Specialist you will be working on projects geared towards English-speaking markets.

Key Requirements:

  • Intermediate writing English is a must!

  • Understanding of how Outreach / Linkbuilding & PBN works;

  • Understanding of site/link quality assessment metrics;

  • Experience with large-scale anchor lists and much information;

  • Experience in highly competitive niches of EU and US will be an advantage;

  • Understanding of SEO and site architecture in general

  • Previous experience working with Google Docs / Sheets, Excel;

  • Capability to work both independently and in a team;


  • Analysing competitors' links profiles;

  • Building a donor base;

  • Searching appropriate sites for the link placement by criteria (Q&A services, forums, comments, blogs, profiles, listings, business directories);

  • Finding high authority publishing opportunities and collaborating with webmasters/editors and publishing articles to promote our projects (on free/paid basis);

  • Researching new link building strategies and opportunities;

  • Record-keeping for all stages of work on projects and monitoring posted links;

  • Automation of current processes.

We offer:

  • Competitive salary;
  • The perspective of development in SEO with a focus on a foreign market;
  • Social compensation of day-offs and sick leaves;
  • Free English lessons.

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