1 день назад - 20.04.2021

Head of South Construction Eguipment Unit

Цеппелин Украина / Zeppelin

Адрес: Одесса
Контакт: Елена Лазарис

The purpose of this position is to provide after sales support to customers in terms of equipment service and parts sales in region.

Head of Regional unit is fully responsible for managing parts and service operations, market development and customers relations, management of his/her parts sales and service team in region

To be effective the Head of Regional unit must establish and understand the following objectives and accountabilities:

  • Participate in Regional and Division Business plan and Budget preparation and market analysis and forecast for parts and service part;
  • On regional level obtain financial and market targets for the year (parts and labor turnover) outstanding receivables, margins, market shares, labor utilization rates, cost management);
  • On regional level organize and manage service and parts sales day to day operations according to standards and procedures via part and service managers reporting to him/her;
  • Improve regional support and value to the customers;
  • On regional level to be be actively involved in customer relations /customer base development, complaints management;
  • Ensure liaison with Machine sales;
  • Provide reports timely, accurately and in good quality;
  • Ensure safety excellence;
  • Ensure and maintain target skills development for various member of his /her team.

Job Knowledge:

  • Knowledge and understanding of Construction Industry (business model, core processes, key players );
  • Knowledge of Caterpillar / Leading Industry Players equipment, parts solutions;
  • Knowledge Construction equipment market and key competitions.

Job Experience priorities:

Minimum 2 years in management positions in functions and scope of the business with either:

  • CIS Caterpillar Dealer
  • Caterpillar Dearer outside CIS
  • Western Equipment dealer /parts business
  • Large national parts /service business with Western partners

Beforehand –minimum 2-3 years of experience in service and/or parts operations.

Key Personal Skills:

  • High accuracy and attention to quality of work in every detail;
  • Solid Reliability and Compliance orientation;
  • Initiative and strategy orientation;
  • High Agility and stress resistance;
  • Perfect interpersonal communicational skills and ability to build up co-operative relations.

Key Proven Managerial Skills:

  • Budgeting and Financial data analysis;
  • Structured decision making;
  • Sound supervisory skills;
  • Exceptionally good planning, organizing and delegating skills;
  • Sales management skills.

Key Technical Skills:

  • Preferably – written/spoken Business English – level intermediate;
  • Computer literacy (MS Office);
  • ERP (1C) system operations skills.

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