3 дня назад - 13.04.2021

Consultant will join R&D laboratory

Анонимный работодатель

Адрес: Киев
Телефон: +380669735947

The group of industrial manufactures in Ukraine is hiring a a self-motivated research leader who will focus on Starch chemical modification and who has an experience of implementation in production of the E-starches (E1414, E1420, E1422, E1442 etc) from waxy-starch (native waxy corn starch). It is expected that the Consultant will join R&D laboratory to share the knowledge with the team currently composed of a diverse group of experienced scientists with skills in microbiology, chemistry, engineering and enzymology.


Consultant will be responsible for planning and executing laboratory work to generate new ingredients and to provide technical expertise to support existing business in relevant areas.

•The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in biochemistry, chemistry, chemical engineering and related disciplines and 6-10 years of industrial experience,

•Relevant industrial expertise which includes new products development in the field of organic synthesis

•Experience in any of the areas of ingredient design from the following list are beneficial: enzyme transformation modification, physical processing of food ingredients (spray drying, drum drying agglomeration, blending etc.)

•Fluency in English is a requirement.


•Functional Leadership experience - Previous supervisory experience is a plus.
•Drive – Need to be passionate about his/her work, with a high energy level, strong work ethic, and internal drive for organizational and individual success. Ability to energize others in a team setting important.
•Execution – Demonstrated ability to complete assignments, meeting quality- and time-oriented objectives. Requires strong skills in timeline development and management.
•Problem-Solving – Possesses excellent problem-solving skills and should be able to evaluate root causes, and take a systematic, structured view of projects/situations.
•Innovation - Demonstrated creativity, innovation, and ability to problem-solve.
•Team Work – Excellent team-work skills, including an ability to work with diverse teams of people with multiple perspectives and talents, capable of functioning as individual contributor or team leader.
Safety – An exhibited dedication to safety and commitment to making safety the number one priority.

We are seeking a self-motivated and innovative technical expert in the area of chemical modifications/ Demonstration of strong knowledge and industrial hands-on experience in the area of new food ingredient and product development is preferred.

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