4 години тому - 17.05.2021

Office Infrastructure Assistant (ID 63919)


Адрес: Львів
Контакт: Юлія Чепурко
Телефон: +380800603000


The team of experts with the focus on deployment Foreign Office Infrastructure and further support. As a part of the Office Administration, we are dealing with the most complicated challenges to reach a set of goals in an efficient and well-balanced way.

We are looking for an assistant to support the Office Infrastructure team who will perform as a contact point for different stakeholders within the company, also ensure the proper communication between suppliers&vendors and assist operational processes to work effectively.


  • Good at problem-solving, having analytical and communication skills
  • A professional always looking for a new challenge
  • Demonstrating high emotional intelligence, flexibility, and adaptiveness
  • A stress-resistant person good at time-management
  • Using an empathetic, non-judgmental, and ethical approach
  • Possessing good communication and negotiation skills
  • Demonstrating a Pre-Intermediate English level (written and verbal)


  • Helping team with ongoing project tasks, questions, and other problems
  • Project managers on (preparing reports, preparing and giving presentations, gathering data for budget reports, adding invoices to a domestic payment system, handling escalations)
  • Organizing team building events
  • Taking participation in building the workflow of specific projects
  • Special corporate tools and maintenance of them
  • Internal departments relating to the projects
  • Participating in meetings and providing comments, if necessary
  • General support of repository, paperwork, filling in data into corporate software
  • Ability to provide all necessary information about all DevCenters
  • Creating projects and tasks for the team in Asana


  • Work in a great team!
  • Support company growth and operation with excellent services
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of existing processes and services to increase value for service consumers
  • Grow your expertise on how an IT company works from different perspectives: engineering, project management, quality assurance, etc.
  • Care about your individual initiatives — we are open for them, just come and share your ideas
  • Work in the biggest global IT company with Ukrainian roots having a unique corporate culture that combines professional business approach and highest standards of doing business with a strong focus on people development and building trustful relationships

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