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Business Process Analyst

50 000 грн.

Consists of Base + heavy performance bonus

IT - консалтинг / Послуги / Виробництво устаткування
  • Компанія перевірена за кодом реєстрації в Держ. реєстрі.
  • Всі вакансії цієї компанії актуальні і перевірені.
Работа в Business Process Analyst

Особливості вакансії


  • Фахівець

Вид зайнятості

  • Повна зайнятість


  • Печерський район


  • метро Палац Спорту

Знання мови

  • Англійська мова
повна зайнятість
Англійська (вільно)

Опис вакансії

Is This For You?

This job is a good fit for you and you will absolutely love it if the below applies to you fully:

  • You are humble and have a healthy self-esteem. You are not afraid of admitting your reality.
  • You are hungry and are driven by results.
  • You are capable of dealing with people successfully and you enjoy doing it

-------- Please stop reading if any of the above does not apply to you ----------


How We Work Here

We are not warm bodies. We are responsible, driven and motivated professionals. We push ourselves - and don't need anyone motivating us to work.

We don't have set work hours - we work when we best feel like it - any employee comes to one of our three offices (Austin, Kiev, and Zaporizhia) whenever they want to.

Our actions manifest themselves in results - be that successful projects or experiences gained as a team.

We love learning and are not afraid to make mistakes - so long as we don't repeat the same ones all over.

We have healthy attitudes about money. We create value and get financially rewarded heavily for it.

We are not afraid of our own success. We only discuss things that really matter and don't waste time.


What We Do

At Deep Consulting Solutions we create more efficient companies by analyzing their business processes and automating them with effective technology. Our work process with the client includes a deep business study, identification of areas in the business where automation is appropriate, designing a software solution to provide automation, building, and implementing a software system into the client's business to help them run a more efficient ship.


Your Purpose in our Organization

You are responsible for working with clients and ensuring that the automation solutions we design and create for them will be a fit for their organization and bring value to their business and process.


Your Result

We expect you to thoroughly analyze, document, and communicate to the rest of the team the details of our client's business, and design a position for our automation in it in order to optimize the client's business processes and make their company more efficient in achieving its purpose.


Your Actions

You will need to take all necessary actions to accomplish your Result. Specifically, we anticipate that your duties will include the following:

  • Gathering the details of the client's business from the various team members of the client's company.
  • Designing the Automation for the client's business in order to streamline the effectiveness of the client's processes.
  • Documenting the details of the client's business processes.
  • Communicating the details to the rest of the team.

The above list is not exclusive. You will need to do what it takes to accomplish Your Result. Your actions will be largely determined by yourself.

To prove that you are a real smart team player and pay attention to things you read, kindly insert in digits the value of the sum of ten and twenty four into your cover letter.


Measure of Success

We will measure your success based on the number of happy customer testimonials collected from customers you worked with and that ended up benefiting from our solutions.

A good ability of English language will be essential in this job.


Контактна особа: Mykola Bashlakov

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