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Sales Analyst

Infopulse / Инфопульс

    Infopulse Ukraine is inviting talented professionals to join our project as a Sales Analyst.

    A Sales Analyst is the person responsible for collecting and analyzing data related to Sales, evaluating and predicting sales trends for medium or large companies with the objective of helping them optimize their promotional strategies. Sales Analysts' main responsibilities include preparing detailed sales reports, and making informed suggestions on how to improve a company's profitability.


    Areas of Responsibilities

    • Assisting in the sales process through data analysis; collecting and analyzing data from sales reports:

    o developing methods and strategies for assessing large amounts of data;

    o closely studying and analyzing past sales data to determine trends in productivity;

    o evaluating current sales goals;

    o examining the company's budget;

    o completing financial, volume, and competitive analyses;

    o reviewing purchase trends of the company's customers' base and target demographic;

    o preparing and submitting reports based on the collected data and their conclusions to Sales Managers, members of the board, or the organization's CEO.

    • Forecasting sales;
    • Preparing weekly, quarterly, monthly, and annual sales reviews;
    • Working alongside and providing support/advise to the Finance, Marketing, and Sales departments;
    • Collecting and analyzing data from sales reports;
    • Preparing and presenting reports based on their data analyses;
    • Advising on ways to improve a company's profitability.



    • Advances Excel user;
    • Ability to learn quickly;
    • Strong interpersonal skills:

    o being capable of translating financial and mathematical language into non-technical;

    o being able to work independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team.

    • Strong analytical, problem-solving capabilities, and detail-oriented:

    o Identifying issues and resolving problems in a timely manner;

    o being able to gather, monitor, and analyze all types of quantitative and qualitative data into sales reports;

    • Dynamic, high energy individual, self-motivated, and result-driven;
    • English pre-intermediate+