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Middle Front-end developer (Angular, React, Vue)

35 000 грн.


IT - розробка програмного забезпечення
  • Компанія перевірена за кодом реєстрації в Держ. реєстрі.
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Работа в Middle Front-end developer (Angular, React, Vue)

Особливості вакансії


  • Фахівець

Вид зайнятості

  • Повна зайнятість


  • Дарницкий р-н
  • Шевченківський район


  • Осокорки
  • метро Університет

Знання мови

  • Англійська мова

Мова програмування

  • JavaScript

Тип розробки

  • Веб-розробка

Framework Javascript

  • Angular-розробник
  • React.JS

Adobe Software

  • Photoshop
повна зайнятість
Англійська (середній)

Опис вакансії

General Description

Our company abz.agency works in web development field since 2005. We develop custom web-based solutions for our clients from Germany, Israel, UK and USA. We are currently looking for Middle Front developer to join our team. Successful candidate likes clean code, challenging tasks, has 2+ years of Web development experience and is a strong team player.

If you feel like you are a good fit for us, please try to complete the test task (6-8 hours is enough to complete it, but you can take up to 7 days to finish the test).

Link to the test task: https://goo.gl/gvBQB1

Send your version of the Task and your CV to the email: Отправить резюме.


Conditions of work:

  • Our offices situated near  University MRT and near Osokorky MRT station;
  • Work day from 8am till 5pm;
  • Floating lunch break at a convenient time (1 hour);
  • Hourly paid job. Full work load and even more, so that you will not have to search for something on the side ;)
  • The «bench» program to cover downtime and missed deadline (for objective reasons),
  • Bonuses and fringe benefits for high quality job and for completion ahead of schedule.
  • Obligatory English lessons with a certified corporate English tutor twice a week;
  • Equipment: laptop- Macbook Pro 13' late 2018, the 2nd monitor (2К or 4К), a notebook pad, a mouse and a keyboard;
  • In the kitchen you may enjoy sandwiches, yogurts, coffee, tea, biscuits, fruit, candies, a fridge and a microwave oven;
  • Brand T-shirt and a cup;
  • Vacation paid 50% of full load.


  • Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 (fixed width, adaptive and responsive layout, pixel perfect markup);
  • Experience with Twitter Bootstrap ? or Google Material Design;
  • Experience with at least one CSS-preprocessor (Stylus, Sass, Less) or PostCSS;
  • Photoshop or Sketch experience;
  • Knowledge of Javascript, HTML document DOM model and events;
  • Experience with Angular 2-6, React or Vue;
  • Experience with at least one task runner (Gulp, Webpack, Grunt);
  • GIT knowledge;
  • Ability to quickly search for information in the internet («googling»);
  • Passion to continuously learn new technologies and be up to date with the technologies you already know (HTML5, Javascript, etc.);

Currently used stack of technologies

  • PHP projects: LAMP/LEMP, Laravel 5.x;
  • NodeJS: ExpressJS, Sequelize ORM, etc.;
  • Other technologies: Memcache, Redis, Elasticsearch, Prerender.io;
  • Hosting: Digital Ocean, Heroku, Amazon AWS/Lightsail, Vscale, VPS/VDS in Hetzner datacenter (mostly test servers);
  • Local development: currently we use Vagrant + Virtualbox and experiment with Docker;
  • Important to have experience with according stack > 2 years.

In case you have any questions, you are very welcome!** The company reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to not explain the reason for refusal and the feedback on a test task. 

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