4 дня тому - 11.05.2021

Scrum Master

СимКорп / SimCorp

Адрес: Київ, Житомирська

Are you an awesome Scrum Master?

We offer you a unique opportunity to join us in our transformational journey to become a scaled agile development organization inspired by SAFe framework, characterized by high quality delivery, high performance and high people engagement. SimCorp is a major software provider in the field of wall-to-wall investment management systems in the world with development division of 500+ people, in 50 + teams, in 7 SAFe ARTs.

The agile journey is challenging but also exciting, involves a lot of experiments and learning. We are committed to make it happen and we are willing to invest in it.

Come join us and help shape the future with SimCorp.

As a Scrum Master in SimCorp you will be:

  • coaching and helping 1 or 2 scrum teams, ensuring agility and excellent deliveries
  • balancing the role of agile leader and execution responsible
  • an active player of Scrum of Scrums team focused on impediments removal process
  • driving agile mindset and high-quality standards across teams and organization
  • fostering a learning and improvement culture

Therefore, we expect you:

  • to be passionate about creating an environment of trust and great dynamics, where people perform their best and work together as a team. Where people have fun while delivering and where they are confident in raising impediments and issues.
  • to know the fundamentals of iterative and incremental development, you know the various agile and lean processes and methodologies and can speak intelligently about them and know when to apply the various techniques to provide value to a team.
  • to understand the fundamentals of software development processes and procedures.
  • to be a strong change agent who leads by example
  • have excellent English speaking skills

We see you as a person who:

  • understands the difference between doing and being agile - and you practice the latter
  • share agile values
  • is a fast learner, actively seeking for learning opportunities and utilizing them
  • is easy and pleasant to work with
  • is genuinely interested in helping other people succeed
  • worked in several agile set-ups, has some international experience and don't mind travelling
  • has a solid experience in software industry

We expect a lot from our new colleagues, in return you get to work with great people in a professional product company, inspiring and highly ambitious agile programme.

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