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Demand Analyst

Staff Service
Торгівля роздрібна / Retail
  • Регион:Київ
Англійська (середній)

Our client, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of electronics and home appliances, opens a competition for a vacancy of



Demand Analyst


Principal Responsibilities:


  • Forecast process set-up & improvement

Working in conjunction with Marketing, Sales & Supply Chain Managers to develop, progressively improve forecasting process, improve accuracy and reduce forecast volatility through co-ordinated innovation activity.

  • Statistical Forecasting & Data Analysis

Analysis of historical trend, PSI and market trend on weekly basis using statistical analysis tools to generate weekly forecast. Collect Sales Management & customer sales forecast data on weekly basis, identifying trends on fast & slow moving products. Maintain seasonality trend and impact of exceptional market changes: Promotional activity, national/international events.

  • Forecast Consensus meeting coordination

Facilitate Consensus meeting with relevant divisional heads to confirm sales forecast from Key Account Managers, and Sales Director. Manage agreement and drive judgment towards realistic and accurate forecast & delivery plan. Collate, share and input weekly forecast data to GSCP.

  • Customer Relations & Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)

Facilitate collaborative working relationships with key customers through the channel PSI analysis (after data is gathered, processed and provided to DP in requested format by KAMs) to drive forecast accuracy, process improvements, and free flow of information and generally enhance Sales Management, Supplier & Customer working relations. Key objective is to optimize inventor/ velocity (LTS/DIO) and improve sales forecast accuracy.

  • Forecast Performance (KPI) Management

Monitor periodical performance measures and supplier/customer non-conformance to enable process improvement in the Supply Chain. Provide fact based analysis with corrective action plan

  • Sales and Operation Plan coordination

Weekly communication with supplier side on production plan update and production issues. Weekly S&OP meeting with Sales Team to share updated production and shipment plans and prepare rolling forecast template, including Purchase Order generation

  • Inventory management

Monitor inventory level and status as well as long term inventory weekly. Conduct root cause analysis by model. Facilitate an action plan development by product marketing and KAMs, and check the progress

  • Reporting

Ensure regular review and reporting to Product Marketing Senior Manager of progress in realisation of all relevant KPI's, identify bottlenecks and recommend of appropriate remedial action


Required Qualifications:

  1. Completed higher education;
  2. 1 + years of procurement experience;
  3. Fluent Ukrainian, Russian language (both written and spoken);
  4. At least Intermediate level of English;
  5. Strong communication & negotiation skills, ability to handle stressful situations;
  6. Good analytical skills;
  7. Computer literacy (MS Office).


We offer the following conditions:

  1. Official employment (type of engagement: civil agreement)
  2. Competitive salary
  3. Professional development