5 днів тому - 30.04.2021

Doctor-coordinator, EN (sales medical treatments abroad to US and UK patients)

Bookimed Limited

Адрес: Київ, ул. Полевая 21, БЦ Лагода, Політехнічний інститут
Контакт: Алла Скибенко
Телефон: +38 (093) 260 - 01 - 09

Bookimed is a team of developers, marketologists and medical professionals that is creating a platform for the selection of the best clinics and organization of treatment ranked #1 in the world. About 300,000 users from different countries visit our site monthly.

The company has been on the market for over 6 years: currently 300,000+ patients, 300+ clinics in 28 countries. Now we are a team of 120+ people and we are eager to find the optimal medical solution and organize treatment for people from anywhere in the world, absolutely free of charge for our patients.

Our mission is to help every patient find the best solution to their health problem.

More about us:




We are on the same way if you:

  • Speak English fluently

  • Love to delve deeply into every situation and understand everything to the end

  • Love to learn new things

  • Are interested in medical innovation

  • Have excellent communication skills (C1 English level at least)

  • Have a medical degree

Your main tasks will be:

  • The main task of the doctor-coordinator in this position is to find out the patient's needs and sell him the most relevant medical solution.

  • Sales to patients from US, GB and other English-speaking countries

  • Sales in messengers

  • Sales by phone

By joining our company, you will receive:

  • A chance to participate in the development of a product, thanks to which thousands of patients around the world can receive the care they need

  • Minimum bureaucracy, with everyone having the maximum influence on the result

  • A rich library and fellow intellectuals who read app. 3 books a month

  • Convenient office in the KPI area

  • Ability to work remotely part of the hours

  • Flexible working hours

  • Paid vacation

  • Meetings with world-famous doctors and visits to the top medical facilities around the world

  • Dynamic KPI-based compensation system

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