Марс Украина / Mars Ukraine

  • Компанія перевірена за кодом реєстрації в Держ. реєстрі.
  • Всі вакансії цієї компанії актуальні і перевірені.

Welcome to the Mars Leadership Experience
in Multisales Europe and Southern Africa!

The MLE is a perfect grounding for a career in business leadership. You’ll manage projects, take on roles with local and international exposure, lead teams, and make decisions with real consequences and much more. The challenges will come thick and fast and it will stretch you like never before.

3 years

3 countries

3 functions

Individual development plan

Leading role
at the end of the programme

What will I be doing?

Over the course of this three 12-month placements you’ll get a complete overview of our business, together with the freedom and responsibility to have a very real and very visible impact on it. You’ll experience different markets, different functions, different teams, countries and products. The program runs across a number of our Multisales organization countries. Every area of our business will be open to you. So you could be a Brand Manager in Marketing, an Account Manager in Sales or a Supply Chain project Manager in Logistics.

What is Multisales organization
and where will I be working?

Mars Multisales Europe and Southern Africa has more than 2500 associates across 53 countries. People who thrive on the exciting challenge of building our business in dynamic markets right across the continent, from Portugal to the Baltic States.

In the first 12 months on the program you will be based in your Home country (Ukraine). After a successful first year end-of-placement review, you will be given opportunity to move to a different market and potentially different function, to work with different brands. We will provide full financial support with your moves and living abroad.

Year 1

Home country within
MS organization

Year 2

assignment within
MS organization

Year 3

assignment within
MS organization


Home country within
MS organization

Who we look for?

Recent Undergraduates

or Postgraduates

Originally coming

Multisales countries


and results focused

Learners, growers

and continuous improvers

Fully mobile

within Europe and Southern Africa


challenge takers

in English

and curious

The Steps to Apply



Create your application account.


Fill out the application form. It is all about finding out a little more about you as a person, your study, achievements and goals for the future.

Online testing.

Once your application is completed, you’ll be invited to undertake some online testing that assesses your verbal, numerical and logical reasoning skills.

Online Video Interview

Following the test you may proceed to our Online Video Interview stage. This is all about discovering more about your interest in working with Mars, and discovering more about your career aspirations and key competencies. Knowing this also assists us later with placing you in the best business rotations.


Following the Online Video Interview stage, you may proceed to face-to-face interview. This is all about getting to know you better, your strength and development needs, your goals for the future. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may still have about Mars, Multisales organization and the program itself.

Assessment centre.

Should your interview succeed you’ll be invited to attend an Assessment Centre in your Home country. At the centre you’ll participate in individual and group activities, meet Mars associates and of course, try some of our delicious products!

Apply now


When will I start work with Mars if successful?

In few days after the Assessment Center you will receive feedback from us. In case you are successful, we will make you an offer, once the offer is accepted we sign a job contract effective on 10th of September, 2019.

What are the average working hours
as a graduate on the Mars programmes?

All our graduate roles are full time positions. No one day is the same and work life balance is key for us here at Mars. You’ll have peaks and troughs in your workload, and it’s really up to you to manage your day. What’s key is that you deliver in your role – and you should always shout up if you have too much or too little work.

How do I rotate between roles on the graduate programme?
Can I choose what location I go to?

After a successful first and second year end-of-placement review you will move to a different market within Multisales Europe & Southern Africa (see Multisales map above). It is important that you are fully mobile for this program and is something you should consider before applying. Based on the roles available in the countries and your development needs we will discuss the next placement for you.

Flexibility is another key factor on our programme. Both from you and us. We’ll always support you to achieve your goals, and in return we expect you to have flexibility in the locations in which you’ll be based. Each programme has a key internal contact who will work with you during your placements to map out the next logical step. It’s always an individual conversation. Because you will have individual aspirations. The key message is that it will always be a two-way conversation. To mention we will provide full financial support with your moves and living abroad.

Will I have a permanent role at the end of the programme?

Yes, all graduates will sign-off after their programme and move into a new permanent role. After that, where you go next will largely be driven by you.

If I am unsuccessful in my application for The Mars Leadership
Experience at this time, can I apply for the program again?

You’re very welcome to apply again but you’ll need to wait until we start recruiting for the following year’s intake. Try to think about the skills we’re looking for and how you might be able to develop or strengthen those skills in the meantime.

Do I need a driving license?

A Driving license would be an advantage. Some roles mean travelling between sites and visiting various suppliers.

What does the assessment center consist of?
How long does it last? When will I find out the outcome?

The Assessment Center takes place at Mars office in Kyiv. It is a half-day event, which consist of your interview, unprepared individual business case, and a group exercise. After the assessment center in few days, we give you the feedback.