4 дня тому - 10.07.2020

Manager of Corporate Communication Division


Адрес: Киев, ул. Соломеская, 11, Соломенский

Job accountability area

  • Building and Managing Company's reputation and its public images and perception, including its brand, team, products and services, as well as a brand of a Parent Company in Ukraine.
  • Developing and implementing communication strategy to build a strong, noticeable, positive and sustainable image of the Company, alone or/and in cooperation with other Divisions.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Development and implementation of Corporate Communications strategy and Action Plans of the Company, that should include/but not be limited by, Media Relations, Public Affairs, CSR (corporate social responsibility), Brand PR streams.
  • Constant Company's presence in external informational flows in traditional and new media, based on Company's business and social activities, using all communications tools, like: press-releases, newsletters, comments, columns, interviews, surveys, viral news, photo, video etc.
  • Organizing special events and activities for media, experts and professional community members, like press-conferences, presentations, press-tours, corporate meetups, etc.
  • Organizing Company's presence, its brand and people, at external public and professional events, like conferences, forums, roundtables, workshops, etc. alone or/and in cooperation with other Divisions.
  • Building a strong image and reputation of the Company via its Management, including CEO and other defined leaders, as high level professionals, market experts and opinion leaders, using all scope of communications tools as well as their participation in professional, business, cultural and social events.
  • Provision of PR support to all functions via common developing 360' campaigns in collaborations with other Divisions
  • Monitoring informational field: media, social media, professional forums.
  • Creation and implementation of anti-crisis communications in case the critical communications situations occur.
  • Development and constant update of the Company's contacts that should include media representatives, experts, opinion leaders, business, social and culture communities, and social selected authorities'/regulators' representatives.
  • Developing and managing Company's reputation and perception via portfolio of CSR projects and initiatives, alone or in partnerships with other external organizations, in the context of Company's needs, available budgets and competitors activities.
  • Personal representation of the Company and its brand in professional and social communications with targeted groups upon agreed strategy (like, participation in external professional events, partner organizations, non-profit organizations, communications streams, etc).
  • Defining Company's needs in external expertise and resources (agencies, freelancers, production and creative teams, etc).
  • Lead Agency management and evaluation process;
  • Representing the Company in the daily work with external Contractors/Agencies, in regards to programs implementation, creative solutions, process management and budgeting.

Minimum requirements:

  • Minimum 8 years' professional experience gained at leading Telco, Media, Banking, IT, FMCG, Retail or other sectors having focus on Mass Market Customers.
  • Having experience of working with PR agencies, NGO, authorities, culture and sport organizations, opinion leaders, as well as professional associations is preferable.
  • Language skills: Ukrainian, Russian - native
  • English fluent.
  • A high level of business acumen and drive;
  • Energetic, curious and ambitious person.
  • Independent and flexible personality that responds quickly to changing environment.
  • Strong communications experience and proven track record in creating and implementing successful communications strategies.
  • Customer focused; perfectly understands Mass Markets Customers.
  • Strong analytical background.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent leadership and management skills.
  • Powerful communication skills and the ability to motivate and inspire others.
  • Ability to prioritize actions, tasks and manage multiple projects against tight deadlines.
  • Ability to negotiate, manage the time, solve problems, communicate and build relationships.
  • Position requires strong communication and organizational skills, project management experience and ability to manage a row of different tasks simultaneously as well as experience in managing people.

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