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Торгівля оптова / Дистрибуція / Імпорт-експорт, Промисловість та Виробництво, IT, Туризм / Подорожі / Пасажирські перевезення, Реклама та PR-послуги, Фінансові послуги, Торгівля роздрібна / Retail, Освіта

Personal assistant/Import manager (diesel fuel)

Praymkros, LLC

Торгівля оптова / Дистрибуція / Імпорт-експорт

1 рік 1 місяць

05.2022 - до теперішнього часу

- Daily assistance and full administrative support.

- Search for new suppliers, market monitoring, conclusion of contracts.- Translation of contracts and their coordination with a lawyer.

- Negotiating and business correspondence with foreign suppliers (EU countries).

- Market and pricing analysis.

- Coordination of prices and premiums with suppliers.

- Supply cycle management: selection of delivery channels, negotiation of payment terms and delivery terms, logistics tracking.

- Control of transport for loading/unloading.

- Control of completeness and correctness of registration of primary documents for accounting and brokerage.

- Interaction with the customs broker.

- Interaction with banks (preparation of a package of documents for the purchase of foreign currency).

Personal Assistant

Individual (owner of several companies)

Промисловість та Виробництво

7 місяців

05.2021 - 11.2021

- Daily assistance and full administrative support.

- Execution of personal orders.

- Searching and analyzing of requested information.

- Driver.

- Translator.

Personal Assistant, driver

Individual (owner of several companies)


6 років 2 місяці

08.2014 - 09.2020

    - Daily assistance and full administrative support to the owner and his family.
    - Execution of personal orders.
    - Traveling abroad for personal orders.
    - Organizing abroad travels including: air travel, ground transportation, and accommodations.
    - Driver
    - Search for necessary information on the Internet
    - Organization of medical appointments in Ukraine and abroad.
    - Assisted to manage and coordinate personal shopping.
    - Payment of utility bills for owned properties.
    - Management and maintenance of cars and water transport.
    - Management and maintenance of owned properties.

Personal Assistant

ООО «Компания Система»

Промисловість та Виробництво

9 місяців

11.2012 - 07.2013

    - Travel arrangements (visa support, booking hotels, buying tickets, renting vehicles, boats, etc.)
    - Organizing abroad travel routes
    - Accompanying director while traveling abroad
    - Personal translator
    - Personal driver
    - Providing concierge service
    - Daily assistance and full administrative support to company director
    - Searching and analyzing information for the director
    - Writing reports, executive summaries

Company Representative/Manager of document preparation

A.E.T Join up! (Туроператор)

Туризм / Подорожі / Пасажирські перевезення

1 рік 4 місяці

03.2011 - 06.2012

- Company representative

- Accompany business partners

- Translator

- Driver

- Issuance of documents to tourists/agents

- Participation in the annual exhibitions

Translator (English/Russian)

Prom.ua, Официальный дилер

Реклама та PR-послуги

3 місяці

11.2010 - 01.2011

- Website translation from Russian to English.

- Management of english version website.

- Communicating with foreign companies.

- Control of the information added by new companies.

Flight Security Agent

El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.

Туризм / Подорожі / Пасажирські перевезення

1 рік 6 місяців

11.2008 - 04.2010

- Flight security agent

- Security car driver

Sales manager

First National Information Network

Фінансові послуги

7 місяців

09.2007 - 03.2008

- Providing free investment information for U.S. companies.

- Company Representative.

Sales manager

Shell World (Key Largo, FL. U.S.A)

Торгівля роздрібна / Retail

1 рік 9 місяців

11.2004 - 07.2006

- Sales manager

- Consultant

English teacher

General Thomas Stafford (retired astronaut) Key Largo, FL. U.S.A.


2 роки 3 місяці

05.2004 - 07.2006

- English teacher for General Thomas Stafford's (retired astronaut) Russian adopted children.

Навчався в 2 закладах

Kyiv National Aviation University

Метрология и Информационные Измерительные Системы

Киев, 2011

Coral Shores High School


Key Largo, USA, 2005

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Може проходити співбесіду на цій мові

Додаткова інформація

Личные качества

To whom it may concern,

I've had an interesting experience living in different countries throughout my life. I was born in Kazakhstan, my father is Ukrainian, my mother was Russian. In 1990, when I was 5, we moved to Germany for about 2 years. After Germany, we came to Ukraine for about 8 months, but in the 90's it was difficult to survive, lack of job opportunities. My father decided to move to Argentina to seek a new start and career, where we lived for 3 years, but things didn't turn out successful, lack of job opportunities and etc. So we moved back to Ukraine for about a year. In 1996, we moved to the U.S., where we lived for 10 years. I finished school in the U.S. as one of the top students with excellence. I had a substantial experience in dealing with foreign nationalities and understand cultural features of different nations. I'm a fast learner, I have lots of experience in different work fields.

I hope I can be useful to anyone in need of my experience. I'm not an office person, so i'm looking for a diverse job, that includes traveling, interacting and taking care of several tasks at once.


Personal Assistant, native english speaker, translator, driver


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