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Реклама та PR-послуги, Енергетика та Енергоносії, Транспорт та Логістика, Послуги для бізнесу - інше, Консалтинг / Аудит, Освіта, Телекомунікації / Зв'язок

Marketing analyst


Реклама та PR-послуги

2 роки 5 місяців

04.2020 - до теперішнього часу

Ardenta, Research.ua, Vitmatk (Freelance projects)

Preparing analytical reports for marketing departments: tax audit, sales and marginality analysis (Ardenta); quantative researches, online panel (Research.ua), juices market analysis and product managing (Vitmark)

Fuel Pricing Analyst (Фахівець з цін на паливо)

Shell Retail Ukraine "Alliance Holding LLC"

Енергетика та Енергоносії

2 роки 6 місяців

04.2017 - 09.2019

Local and global oil and gas markets analysis: products, prices, competitors, sales, strategy design. Monitoring of competitors' prices, internal pricing and control on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, annual and quarterly planning. Project management, participation in international (EU) sessions and trainings (CI). Calculating the effectiveness of marketing activities and loyalty programs

Marketing analyst

Нова Пошта, ТОВ / Новая Почта

Транспорт та Логістика

4 місяці

09.2016 - 12.2016

Market, competitors and prices analysis. Conducting quantitative and qualitative marketing research

Market Analysis Manager

TNS Ukraine

Реклама та PR-послуги

5 місяців

12.2015 - 04.2016

conducting marketing and sociological quantitative and qualitative research in retail (FMCG sector). Practical application of analytical methods to increase the performance of customer companies. Participation in national and international media projects in presenting research results.

Sales Analyst, BTL-Market Director

Itkom, SVK Promo

Послуги для бізнесу - інше

3 роки

12.2012 - 11.2015

Analysis and forecast of sales, inventories by brand, nomenclature, customers, competitors, pricing. Preparation of weekly, monthly, quarterly reports on the structure and dynamics of the IT goods and services market.

Marketing Manager

GFK - Ukraine

Консалтинг / Аудит

5 років 6 місяців

07.2007 - 12.2012

Sociological, marketing analysis, B2B sector consulting, socio-political research department. Preparation of commercial proposals, design of plans for quantitative and qualitative research, questionnaires, field control, data analysis (SPSS, Excel), reporting (PowerPoint, Word). Translations into foreign languages.

Economic disciplines University teacher

KNUTD (Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design)


4 роки 1 місяць

09.2006 - 09.2010

Educational process organization: conducting lectures and seminars of the macroeconomic disciplines (political economy, economic history, macroeconomics, international economics, economic geography). Development of English-language economic courses for foreign students, participation in international scientific conferences: Vienna (2008) and Lomonosov readings-2009 (MSU, Moscow).

Publication: http://lomonosov-msu.ru/archive/Lomonosov_2009/21_3.pdf

Account manager

Golden Telecom

Телекомунікації / Зв'язок

1 рік 7 місяців

09.2004 - 03.2006

Active sales of communication services (Internet, telephony) in the SME sector (cold calls, meetings with potential customers, signing and maintaining contracts). Golden Telecom Sales School Supervisor.

Ключова інформація

7 years in BTL (SVK-Promo);

4 years in market analysis and researches (GFK Ukraine, TNS Ukraine);

2 years in sales and prices analysis (Shell Retail Ukraine, Itcom, Nova Poshta)

4 years - economic disciplines University teacher in KNUTD;

Master's degree in Economics and Sociology from NU of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy";

PhD student in Finance (KNUTD)

Qualitative and quantitative research methods and statistics in marketing and sales

Навчався в 4 закладах

Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Kiev, 2010

National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"


Kiev, 2006

National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"

economics and enterpreneurship

Київ, Україна, 2004

Regional Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy of Taras Shevchenko in Kremenets

English teacher

Kremenets, 2000

Володіє мовами



Може проходити співбесіду на цій мові

Може проходити співбесіду на цій мові

TOEFL (2005, computer-based) - 240 points



Може проходити співбесіду на цій мові

Може проходити співбесіду на цій мові



Може проходити співбесіду на цій мові

Може проходити співбесіду на цій мові

Курси, тренінги, сертифікати


Київ, Україна, 2005

Result: 240 (Computer based TOEFL, 2005)

Work&Travel USA

Virginia, USA, 2003

Summer vacation training (May-October, 2003) as a pool lifeguard at WinklerPool Management (USA) under the Work & Travel USA student cultural exchange program

DOSAAF driving school

Kremenets, 1997

Driver's licence (A, B, C categories)

Додаткова інформація

Driver's license

А, В, С categories


Student Exchange Program Work & Travel, Virginia Beach, VA, USA (summer 2003)

Scientific activity

Preparation of PhD dissertation on the topic: "Industrial crises: system-structural-dynamic approach"

Hobbies and interests

Family, 2 daughters: Lidia - 14 years, Taisia - 12 years. Travel, guitar playing, poems and songs writing, participation in student international conferences, etc.

Computer skills

MS Office, SPSS, Statistica, Photoshop, Google Ads.

Social activity

Organization and holding of public and educational-scientific events (student scientific conferences, summer camps, travels, holidays) I am charged with social positivity at work and at home



Personal qualities

Sociable, creative, critical-analytical thinking, stress-resistant, fast learner, striving for self-improvement

Personal Aim

Create and Grow! Maximizing the company's profit through the practical application of the results of systematic market analysis (ABC, XYZ sales, turnover, inventories, customers, competitors, prices, product life cycles, their categories, brands, sales channels), forecasting and planning of sales and purchases, trade marketing measures and structures of business communications (CRM, ATL- / BTL)

Andriy Ihor

Market analyst


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