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Резюме Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer в Одессе - Pavel, 28 years | Rabota.ua


employed, but open for opportunities

Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer

Odessa 28 years $3 000  

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Languages/Programming: Ruby/Ruby on Rails, JS (jQuery, Node.js), HTML, CSS, Bash, C, Assembler

Development Tools, Environments & Methodologies: git, Amazon S3, Amazon Route53, Google Test, Google Mock, Jira, Scrum

Software: Nginx, Redis, Phusion Passenger, Capistrano, cron, DNSmasq, hostapd, iptables

Networking: SSH, WebSocket, VPN, FTP, DNS

Databases: PostrgeSQL, Redis, MySQL

Systems: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian), Windows (XP, 7), pfSense


Ruby on Rails/C++ developer
Aug 2015 - Aug 2016 (1 year 1 months)

KeepSolid Inc.(http://www.keepsolid.com)
50 to 100 сотрудников IT-software Manufacturing

Developed a web interface for a remote database and Amazon Route53 administration, which is used for various operations with the database and Route53 service: data synchronization, monitoring, editing. The interface was written in Ruby and Rails.

Development of new a functional for a web servers dashboard, used to monitor hundreds of VPN-servers. This interface was made in Node.js.



  • Design and implementation of the interfaces, including front-end and back-end
  • Testing and optimization
  • API development
  • Internal C/C++ libraries improvement and testing
  • Documentation creation



  • Developed the first of described interfaces from scratch, working singly
  • Introduced caching with Redis, what decreased server's response time thrice


Vasiliy Diakonov CTO  KeepSolid Inc


Ruby on Rails Developer
Feb 2014 - Mar 2015 (1 year 2 month)

INW Outsourcing B. V.
20 or less сотрудников IT-software Manufacturing

Development of an existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices tracking system composed of Ruby on Rails application running on servers, responsible for data processing, analysis and representation, and remote cameras and minicomputers, performing people counting and device scanning and sending data to the servers.


  • New APIs implementation and support for clients
  • Debugging, improvement and maintenance
  • Ruby and Bash based software development for remote minicomputers, their configuring and communication setup
  • Nginx and MySQL administration, queries optimization
  • Debian Linux, Windows and pfSense administration
  • New team members trainings and knowledge transfer
  • Software documentation preparation


  • Reengineered a part of the system responsible for data calculation, what caused 4 times precision increase
  • Improved application used on scanning devices, what made remote control reliable and allowed immediate updates
  • Created advanced data filtering and representation tools for clients
  • Altered third party written in C software in accordance with needs of the project and introduced it to the scanning devices, what allowed offering additional monitoring features to clients


available on demand

Embedded C developer
Aug 2013 - Jan 2014 (6 months)

INW Outsourcing B. V.
20 or less сотрудников IT-software Manufacturing

Development of a bank card payment system composed of a Java payment servers and Ingenico payment terminals connected to them, which execute a software written in C.


  • Point-Of-Sale secure application development according to EMV specifications and ISO standards
  • Terminals setup and maintenance


  • Developed a functional design of the payment system
  • Created maintenance guide for terminals, not having any documentation related to them, based on manual investigation only


available on demand


Odessa College of Theatrical and Pictorial Arts(Odessa, Ukraine)
End date 2013

Sound engineering, Specialist

Odessa National Polytechnic University(Odessa, Ukraine)
End date 2012

Specialized Computer Systems, Computer Systems Institute, Specialist

Language skills

English- advanced
I can be interviewed in this language

Polish- elementary

Russian- native

Ukrainian- intermediate

Additional Information

Additional skills

I am a programmer-vocalist, dancer, hiker, photographer and a cyclist.

I am interested in healthy life-style, self-development, biology, foreign languages learning, physics, low-level programming, reverse engineering and many other things.

I like to swim in sea, sometimes in winter.

Creativity, resourcefulness, good logics, intuition and self-discipline are essential parts of me.

I am a purposeful, industrious and cheerful person, able to take responsibility, lead and coordinate a team, solve its internal and external problems.


Professional work in multimedia editors such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Audition, etc., in MS Office.


An interesting, useful for me and the society job in a professional team, where I can show my worth, get valuable experience and knowledge.

Personal and material development.

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