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Резюме Technical support в Киеве - Ekateryna, 31 год | Robota.ua


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Technical support

Киев 31 год  

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Ключевая информация

 I am looking for a company where I'll be able to use my experience and face with new challenging tasks.


Кey information:

  • proven expertise in resolving clients issues different types and complexity
  • implementation support processes for different business models
  • creation a support department from scratch 

Опыт работы

Support Team Lead
окт 2018 - дек 2019 (1 год 3 мес)

IT - разработка ПО

  • receiving launched projects for support within SLA
  • requests escalation, finding extra resources
  • team management (L2, 8 members)
  • regular analyze and workflow's optimization for metrics improving


  1.  Under my leadership all requests and tickets for previous 2 years were closed
  2. New queries started to resolve in time
  3. Scrum Methodology was integrated into support team
  4.   I've resolved several difficult cases between team members (using my psychological skills) and prevented the dismissal of 2 employees. 

Head of support (project work)
апр 2018 - окт 2018 (7 мес)

FONDY, fintech product company
IT - разработка ПО

At this company I have improved existing process of customer support, standards of service and communication process with other departments. Team workplace, working tools and technical part have been changed too. As a result these achievements are:

  1. The speed of resolving customer issues has increased for 27 per cent without losing quality
  2. Support processes for EU countries were established
  3. The turnover of existing team members was about zero.

 Additional for e.g.:

  • creation an internal knowledge base and instructions
  • assessment of quality responses, complaint handling

Head of Support Department
янв 2016 - дек 2017 (2 год)

Sportloto, gambling
IT - разработка ПО


  1.  creation a support department from scratch
  2. hiring and training a whole team, which was perfectly operating, even without my supervision
  3. at the time of my leaving the department had been processing over 200 requests per day.

 Other duties for e.g:

  • communication with VIP clients
  • creation of policies and procedures
  • establish KPI for the team 

Customer manager / Senior customer manager
ноя 2012 - ноя 2015 (3 года 1 мес)

RBK Money, online payment system
Телекоммуникации / Связь

  • onboarding process for new partners and day to day support
  • business rivals' analyze, retention and upsales
  • solving complicated cases, such as unpleasant or rude customers
  • supervise support agents


State University of Information and Communication Technologies(Kyiv)
Год окончания 2010

Faculty of Information technologies, Engineer of Telecommunications, Специалист

Владение языками

Английский- выше среднего

Русский- свободно

Украинский- свободно

Дополнительная информация

Компьютерные навыки

  • Zendesk products, Zoho Desk, Jira/Confluence, TFS, CRM, basic knowledge of SQL, HTML/CSS
  • Agile methodology (Scrum), ITIL (using principles of Service Desk management, Incident Management)

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