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Резюме Quality manager /Production foreman в других странах - Mikhail Vasilyevich, 41 years | Robota.ua

Mikhail Vasilyevich

employed, but open for opportunities

Quality manager /Production foreman

Other countries 41 years $2 000  

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  • Confident PC user: Microsoft Office- perfectly, I work with all office programs.
  • Confident user of CAD / CAE systems: Compass-3D, AutoCAD. Ability to develop assembly drawings and detailing. 


Flaw detector engineer for metal non-destructive testing:

  • Visual and measuring control (VT) EN ISO 9712:2014 (IDT ISO 9712:2012);
  • Penetration control (PT) EN ISO 9712:2014 (IDT ISO 9712:2012);
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MT)EN ISO 9712:2014 (IDT ISO 9712:2012); 
  • Ultrasonic control (UT) EN ISO 9712:2014 (IDT ISO 9712:2012);

certified to the II level of tolerance EN ISO 9712:2014 (IDT ISO 9712:2012)  , certificate with the right to issue the conclusion of the control results.

Training center for the training of operational staff of NAEK Energoatom of the separate division Atomremontservis


Qualification: mechanical engineer; (power plants and gas turbine engines).

National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"



Qualification: Organization Management,

(personnel Management).

Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding




Enterprise Quality Engineer
Dec 2018 - present time (1 year 3 months)

Company "Euro-bridge"
Industry and Manufacturing

  • Organization of the work of the technical control service at the enterprise.
  • Verification of compliance of parts manufactured by an enterprise with the requirements of design and technological documentation regulating quality;
  • Input control of components, materials, semi-finished products;
  • Non-destructive ultrasonic inspection of welded elements of bridges;
  • Advertising-claim work with buyers of non-conforming products;
  • Optimization of production processes at the enterprise, minimization of labor costs, equipment downtime;
  • Development of design documentation for new types of products, work on improvement of new projects, coordination with customers of introduced and recommended changes in cd;
  • Development of operating route maps;
  • Development of metal cutting cards for plasma-arc metal cutting machines;
  • Calculation and selection of equipment and tools for the production of new types of products;
  • Participation in the selection and training of workers;
  • Metrological provision of production;

Quality manager
Jul 2016 - Nov 2018 (2 years 5 months)

Company TD “Trade and Industrial Company "NOVA”
Industry and Manufacturing

  • Organization of the work of the technical control service at the enterprise;
  • Participation in the input control of metal-roll, blanks, forgings, semi-finished products, components from manufacturers of contractors, detection of defects, verification of certificates of conformity for the material;
  • Rejection of non-conforming products of the declared size and physical and mechanical properties. (visual measurement of geometric dimensions, measurement of hardness, sampling for subsequent chemical and metallographic analysis of the structure of the material, non-destructive testing, interaction with relevant laboratories producing research data);
  • Systematization and registration of quality regulatory documents;
  • Development of documents regulating the work of the quality service and other services in order to ensure the proper quality of products;
  • Office work on the preparation of technical documentation certifying the quality and completeness of manufactured or supplied products (passports, certificates);
  • Maintenance of claim-reclamation work with suppliers of products that do not comply with the regulatory and technical documents regulating quality, GOST, DSTU, TU, KTD;
  • Participation in interoperational control, control of the "first" part, rejection and prohibition of shipment of parts and products with deviations from the design and technological documentation regulating quality, ensuring control over the observance of technological regimes at all stages of the production process;
  • Development of interoperative control cards, sketches and control drawings, conducting briefings on the correctness of the measurement work and the ability to use the measuring tool and special measuring calibers;
  • Work on the prevention of production that does not meet the established requirements, determining the cause of the defects, participation in the development of measures for the elimination and prevention of defects, monitoring the technological and geometric accuracy of the machines used at the enterprise;
  • Interaction with the masters of the production areas of the production planning workshop, recommendations on the elimination of "narrow" places;
  • Acceptance and final control of products of a controlled representative organization;
  • Interaction with customer representatives according to an approved control program. Elimination of customer remarks, work to improve the quality and conformity of products manufactured by the company;
  • Preparation and execution of notices to the customer's representative, certificates for manufactured products. Document management. Accompanying.
  • Development of design documentation for new product samples and its coordination with the customer;
  • Development of route-operating and technological maps, and support for the production of new types of products;
  • Development of technical conditions for new types of products, coordination and registration of them with the relevant regulatory authorities;
  • Participation in testing new product samples at landfills.
  • Organization of metrological support of production at the enterprise.
  • Development of measures for the selection of means and methods of measurement, methods of their implementation.
  • Determination of the needs of business units in measuring instruments, preparation of consolidated applications for their purchase.
  • Participation in the development and coordination of standards and other regulatory documents on metrology.
  • Preparation of reports on the implementation of plans for metrological support of production, as well as plans and a schedule for calibrating measuring instruments and devices

Quality manager machine and plumbing
Sep 2015 - Aug 2016 (1 year)

State Concern "Ukroboronprom" SE "Plantn. a.Malyshev"
Industry and Manufacturing

  • Presentation of products accepted by the Quality Control Department to representatives of counterparty shops.
  • Decideonproductquality.
  • Control measures to eliminate defects in production identified in its manufacture, testing and operation.
  • Organization of the work of OTC workshop supervisors.
  • Analysis of claims received from counterparty shops;
  • Study the causes of defects and violations of production technology;
  • Analysis of the reasons for the release of non-conforming products;
  • Development of proposals to eliminate inconsistencies identified during the work;
  • stop reception and ban the shipment of non-compliant products with the mandatory notification of the quality director;
  • Bench tests of manufactured units;
  • Organization of work on quality control of products manufactured by an enterprise in accordance with the requirements of standards and technical conditions, approved samples (standards) and technical documentation, terms of delivery and contracts.

Production foreman
Sep 2008 - Jun 2011 (2 years 10 months)

National Power Generation Company. Separate enterprise "Atomenergomash"
Energy and Fuel

  • The management of workers of the site of machining, the distribution of shift tasks and the control of their implementation.
  • Ensuring planned production and shipment of products of the required quality in the allotted time.
  • Preparation of reporting documentation on the production activity of the workshop (workers' sheet, etc)
  • Monitoring staff compliance with labor protection and labor discipline in general
  • Solving current issues in production (issuing a tool, providing drawings, extracting necessary materials from a warehouse).

Production Preparation Engineer
May 2007 - Sep 2008 (1 year 5 months)

National Power Generation Company. Separate enterprise "Atomenergomash"
Energy and Fuel

  • Formation of orders for production;
  • Distribution of orders, taking into account the load of production areas of workshops;
  • Control of timely delivery of materials and components for production;
  • Control of production of finished parts;
  • Inventory management.

Production foreman of machine tools with programmed control CNC
Oct 2006 - May 2007 (8 months)

State Enterprise "Kharkiv Aviation Plant"
Industry and Manufacturing

Management and planning of the work of the section of machines with CNC (machines of the turning group with CNC 16A20F39)

  • Ensuring the implementation of the site in a timely manner of production tasks in terms of production, quality and a given nomenclature;
  • Maintain control over order and discipline at the site;
  • Load planning on the site; Control of the uninterrupted operation of machines at the site, the availability of the necessary tools, material, timely filing of applications for their purchase;
  • Control of conformity of manufactured products with design documentation;
  • Adjust ment of control programs.

Design Engineer
May 2001 - Oct 2005 (4 years 6 months)

State enterprise "Turboatom"
Industry and Manufacturing

  • Design, development and calculation of the new, as well as, modernization of the equipment and units already in use, development of design documentation according to ESKD;
  • The purpose of tolerances and landings on the dimensions of parts, the choice of brand of material, the choice of type of heat treatment;
  • Work with OSTs, GOSTs, TU, identification of errors in the design documentation, coordination of changes in the CD.
  • Support of production in the shops of the enterprise according to the developed design documentation to the finished product. Participation in the refinement and testing of new units on the stands.


Nikolaev Shipbuilding University (Nikolaev) Graduation Year 2010(Николаев)
End date 2010

Faculty of Management of Industrial Enterprises, Manager-Economist

Training Center for preparation of operational staff of NAEK “Energoatom” of the separate division “Atomremontservis” (Slavutych) Graduation Year 2009(Славутич)
End date 2009

Flaw detector engineer for metal non-destructive testing

Kharkov Aviation Institute (Kharkiv) Graduation Year 2001(Харьков)
End date 2001

Faculty of Aviation Engines, Mechanical Engineer

Language skills

English- elementary

(English – basic )

German- elementary

(German – basic)

Courses, Trainings, Certification

VT, CT, MT, UT (Slavutych) (Slavutych)

End date 2009

certified to the II level of tolerance EN ISO 9712: 2012, certificate with the right to issue the conclusion of the control results

Additional Information

Personal qualities

  • Expiration date of the passport:10.02.2029г
  • Passport Type: Biometric
  • Driving license / category: B1, B
  • Hobbies:Family
  • Additional Comments: Responsible, punctual communicative, non-conflict, focused on the result.
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