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Резюме Head of Controlling and Treasury в Киеве - Наталия, 41 год | Rabota.ua


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Head of Controlling and Treasury

Киев 41 год  

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Ключевая информация

Preparation and control IFRS Group reporting. (Monthly report, Quarterly, Annual report,


Production Budget and forecast plan including the preparation of reviews. Presentation and

Confirmation with Raiffeisen Group.

 Financial analyses of company activity. Reports and presentation preparation for Direction,

Shareholders, Supervisory Board and other internal and external users.

Assessment, management and control of Market Risks (Treasury positions) - Currency Risks,

Liquidity Risks, Interest Risks. Currency Risks hedging with following methods - purchasing

and holding (keeping) of Currency Government Bonds with servicing Bank support,

concluding of Forward Contracts.

Planning and managing of Company short-term Liquidity. Cooperation with servicing Banks

(placement of Deposits, short loan withdrawals). Ensure sufficient and effective refinancing of

company with existing and potential lenders.

Close cooperation with Auditors (Big Auditor Four - KPMG, E&Y) during Group and Local

Accountancy and Reporting Audits.

Procurement of funding, concluding of long-term Loan agreements with Group (resident/non-

resident) and other domestic Banks. Support of Risk sharing project with EBRD.

Involving additional cash by issuance of Domestic Bonds. Collaboration and providing

mandatory reporting to Authority organizations (Derzfinposlug, Securities Comission, etc.).

Participate in the development, implementation and support of integrated software systems in

the company (full responsibility for the accounting and reporting part). Production and control

test cases and specifications for Developers. Good knowledge of current accounting system -

ERP-system Charisma, 1-C.

Responsibility for permanent improving the company's business processes, develop and

introduce local normative acts regulating all business processes for which the Controlling and

Treasury is involved.

Cooperation with the heads of all structural units in the area of organizing the activity of

Department, receive from them documents and information necessary for the fulfillment of the

determined requests.

Representation the department on all internal committees (in particular, RLUA's ALCO,

RBAV's ALCO, and any other committees as appointed by The Direction).

Provide consultation and professional support to the department's employees;

Inform the Direction about any upcoming changes in statutory, group reporting and / or

international accounting standards.

Training of front- and backoffice staff as required.

Participate in the development of new products. 

Опыт работы

Head of Controlling and Treasury Department
мар 2007 - настоящее время (12 лет 1 мес)

Raiffeisen Leasing Aval LLC
Финансовые услуги


Interregional Academy of Personnel Management(Киев)
Год окончания 2004


National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute(Киев)
Год окончания 2000

Chemistry and Technology Faculty

Владение языками

Английский- средний

Курсы, тренинги, сертификаты

Group Budgeting and Controlling Meeting RZB(Wien)

Год окончания 2011

Risk weighted assets & Economic capital RZB(Wie)

Год окончания 2008


Год окончания 2007

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