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Резюме Quality management system в других странах - Alexandr Sergeevich, 32 years | Robota.ua

Alexandr Sergeevich

employed, but open for opportunities

Quality management system

Other countries 32 years  

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Quality management system support in accordance with EN 1090-2, ISO 3834-2, ISO 9001. Maintaining and implementing relevant documentation. Maintenance of activities for the certification of production. Non-destructive testing of welds of steel structures according to ISO 17640, ISO 11666, ISO 16810, ISO 16811 and other. Improvement of methods and procedures for NDT. Development and design of test blocks for sensitivity settings.

Organization and providing of technical measures for non-destructive testing of technological equipment. Monitoring the state of equipment and timely detection of defects and non-compliances in the metal parts, assemblies and welded joints of steel structures and pipelines in the process of operation, installation, repair of this equipment with means of nondestructive testing in the workshops of the plant, including equipment of the LLC "Interpipe steel" with subsequent documentation of the results. Input testing of new parts which has been supplied for equipment repair. In addition - the providing of non-destructive testing of railway wheel-rolling products, railway axles and tube-rolling products with portable devices. Conducting practical classes in the certification center for personnel training. Experience and knowledge in the sphere of NDT. The owner of awards of the enterprise and the Company: "the best specialist of the department," "the best in the profession," the "pride of the enterprise," and other.


Manager of the quality management system
Nov 2018 - present time (1 year 3 months)


Leading Specialist
Jun 2006 - Nov 2018 (12 years 6 months)

PJSC "Interpipe NTRP" PJSC
Industry and Manufacturing

Non-destructive testing of the quality of parts and components of technologcal plant equipment. Welding joints of the structure of load-lifting machines and other structures and pipelines. Parts of steelmaking equipment. Also steel pipes, railway wheels and axles. Applying various NDT methods. Project manager for the acquisition of an pipe automatic ultrasonic testing unit.


Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology(Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk))
End date 2012

Economics, a specialist of enterprise economy. Master's degree.

Dniprovskiy Technical College of Welding and Electric E.O. Paton(Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk))
End date 2002

Non-destructive testing of metals and welded joints, a technologist. Bachelor's Degree

Language skills

English- intermediate

Russian- native

Ukrainian- fluent

Courses, Trainings, Certification

NDT Certification Training for Ultrasonic method according to ISO 9712:2012(Днепр (Днепропетровск))

End date 2017

Level UT II

English language course(Днепр (Днепропетровск))

End date 2017

Level Pre-intermediate - Intermediate

Master class for presentations(Днепр (Днепропетровск))

End date 2016

The skills necessary to create and properly conduct presentations, as well as improve the learning process using demonstration materials (working with MS Power point)!

NDT Certification Training for Electromagnetic method according to ISO 9712:2012(Днепр (Днепропетровск))

End date 2016

Level MT II 

Fundamentals of the psychological-pedagogical minimum(Днепр (Днепропетровск))

End date 2014

Skills required for staff training

Additional Information

Computer skills

Sufficient level of possession of PCs and application of various programs such as Word, Excel, Photoshop, Compas 3d, PDF tools, file format converters and special interface software for portable devices with the purpose of professional performance duties at high level

Personal qualities

A responsibility. Industriousness. Purposefulness. Energy. Initiative. Fast learner. Aspiration to improve professional skills, to learn new and broaden own horizons.

Professional activity

Improvement of methods and procedures for NDT. Introduction of new modern approaches in professional activity. Formation of my own regulatory and technical base for the proper performance of a wide range of tasks in the sphere of quality, NDT and related fields.Mastering of new portable instruments and NDT's means


Financial good. Advanced training, expansion of horizons and career growth in the quality sphere, as well as in related fields of the metallurgical industry.

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