2 дня назад - 10.05.2021

Business Analyst (Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv), ID 64299


Адрес: Львов
Контакт: Юлія Чепурко
Телефон: +380800603000


Working on the SoftServe corporate global “Hire-2-Retire” program sponsored by CEO, CFO, and CPO of our company, aimed to positively impact Exceptional Employee Experience at SoftServe through a comprehensive and integrated optimization of HR and Payroll business processes.

We hope that you will make an important and valuable contribution to the enhancement of current HR and Payroll processes for all SoftServe locations and actively participate in the design of the company-wide End-to-End Hire-2-Retire Solution. All of this will help you touch and feel that you are part of a great organization, working with top-class solution designers, subject matter experts from HR and Payroll functions, multiple stakeholders, and enthusiastic peers.


  • Laser-focused on the result
  • Agile, flexible, creative, and proactive
  • An expert in finding problems and their root-causes
  • Great at elicitation and stakeholder management
  • Experienced in Business Processes analysis, modeling, and notation
  • Easily designing and facilitating the solution to problems
  • Comfortable with complex and ambitious projects involving numerous stakeholders and multiple ERP systems
  • A person who listens to hear, extract, document, and validate important information
  • The one who has an upper-intermediate level of English
  • Enjoying group work facilitation
  • A curious person who loves learning on practice and sharing, utilizing learned information


  • Interesting and experienced business stakeholders (including senior-level) directly
  • To-Be Solution Design and Implementation teams
  • Process owners and subject matter experts
  • Enterprise-level ERP systems experts
  • Core Hire-2-Retire Project team members
  • Real end-users of your product
  • Your solutions for the identified business needs
  • Great co-workers who are always ready to help or share their experience


  • Deliver solid contribution into the world-class design, build and roll-out the integrated and lean end-to-end HR and Payroll Solution, which will positively impact Employee’s journey at SoftServe
  • Be involved in HR and Payroll processes optimization on the company-wide level
  • Support our HR and Payroll functions/stakeholders in learning the re-designed/enhanced HR and Payroll processes
  • Facilitate identification and implementation of Change Impacts related to As-Is vs. To-Be HR and Payroll Solution across process, data and technology dimensions
  • Support your professional and personal growth
  • Give you access to experienced specialists who are pretty willing to share their knowledge
  • Care about your initiatives — we are open for them, just come and share your ideas
  • Share many other advantages, such as attractive salary, a package of benefits, flexible working time, and wide learning opportunities

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