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Talent Marketing Specialist

IT - разработка ПО
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Работа в Talent Marketing Specialist

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We are about people who create bold things, make the difference, have fun, love  technology and have everything they need to pursue their passion to create innovation. The role of the DevOps Community Manager goes beyond organizing the events for the DevOps team. Your main goal would be promoting DevOps competency within SoftServe and in the global market. As a part of Talent Marketing, you'll create out-of-the-box initiatives to catch candidates eyes (from banner ads to staffing strategies), support interest to referral program (either souvenirs or a video-you're the one to decide), manage and empower staffing activities. You'll work closely with DevOps and HR Marketing teams:  Social Media and Digital specialists, eventers, TOP SoftServe brand-ambassadors, and community leaders.



  • Experienced in marketing with a clear understanding of online and offline channels
  • Experienced in marketing campaigns planning and execution, post analysis
  • Excellent communicator with Upper+ English level
  • Tech-savvy, knowing that clouds are not only in the sky



  • Creative tasks. Be ready to create all-channels marketing campaigns from scratch ( job posting, creating recruiting videos, developing e-mails and banners, organizing events, coordinating social media campaigns and more) to promote DevOps competence within SoftServe and in the market
  • Communications. You should be  able to build working relationships with DevOps team, leaders, recruiters, marketers, designers, HRs and others
  • DevOps communities Keep in touch with the market and all main external communities, support them and work side-by-side on increasing the market education level
  • Global cooperation. You'll think globally as the DevOps competence is represented in Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria
  • Analytics. Measure vacancy promotion campaigns, events effectiveness (conversion, ROI, etc.) to understand the most and least effective ones



  • Work with proficient and quite big HR Marketing team, so you'll be not the one on the battlefield
  • Experiment on the biggest Ukrainian IT community Facebook and Instagram pages and variety of internal communicational channels, lots of options on Telegram, Youtube and Google ads
  • Get tones of content sources, great and happy, customer


Контактное лицо: HR Юлия Чепурко

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