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IoT Engineers/Leads/Developers

280 000 ₴   +bonuses
IOT Web Lab, LLC
1 год назад
18 декабря 2020

IOT Web Lab, LLC is looking for IOT Engineers/Leads/Developers on remote base (Full Time):


  • Experience with high-frequency detection projects. (Working with RFID Frequency)
  • Experience in the field of computer vision and image recognition.
  • Tech Stack: RISC-V, FPGA, DRAM, NVM Devices, AIC, RFID Frequency, WiFi, Bluetooth, LPWAN, ZigBee
  • Higher Degree - Math, Computer Science, Hardware, Development
  • 12+ years of Experience
  • Fluency in English/Russian

Description and Responsibilities:

  • Case #1: NVMe computational storage The envisioned product is an IoT gateway augmented with a PCIe add-in card that consists of an FPGA, DRAM, and NVM that presents itself as a computational storage device. An example of this type of product is this: https://www.eideticom.com/ We like to understand what is required from an AIC perspective, how the NVMe device manifests itself to an application, and how we could specialize it for application tasks, such as search, caching, and time series database storage.
  • Case #2: RISC-V custom hardware accelerators The RISC-V ecosystem is picking up steam, with companies like SiFive, Bluespec, and Codasip providing core generators, and the RISC-V spec offering ISA extensions and custom hardware acceleration options. The problem with the latter is that you need a compiler update and typically need to build new compiler libraries for the new ISA. We have been unable to solve these compiler mods and library builds reliably, which has limited our ability to create custom RISC-V solutions for the embedded market. We would like to understand what is needed to build a reliable compiler/library build pipeline.
  • Case #3/4: Find goods or moving items in a warehouse using wave analysis

We offer:

  • Professional team.

  • Timely pay.

  • Friendly environment and comfortable schedule.

  • Salary $10K +bonuses

Be ready:

  • Signing a confidentiality agreement (NDA)



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