8 часов назад - 17.05.2021

Informatica Developer

Infopulse / Инфопульс

Адрес: Киев

Infopulse welcomes specialists to join our project as Informatica Developer with 3-5 years of experience to join our growing BI team. This role is intended to design, develop and support DataOps data anonymization, test data management, and synthetic data generation solutions. We are looking for an enthusiastic, innovative, result-oriented professional with deep commitment to success to be part of our long-term delivery.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Build Data Generation Algorithms/Rules and manage seed lists using Informatica TDM / Delphix
  • Develop detailed TDM solutions for different cross platform applications
  • Provisioning test data through data generation processes for the various application team s as per their data needs using Informatica TDM/ Delphix
  • Build custom code as needed using Java and Windows scripting to support Out of box TDM solutions if needed
  • Building or maintaining gold copy repository developing, maintaining and enhancing TDM capabilities by employing repeatable processes, governance framework, automation, and various tools/utilities
  • High level knowledge of Test Data Automation (Self Service provisioning of Test Data)
  • Helping cross application teams to improve their application release cycles


  • Experience in developing Data Anonymization and Test Data Management strategy and solutions to adhere to compliance/regulations on data usage for non-prod environments and to optimize the overall efficiency of the testing strategy defining or applying the data generation, data masking and data sub-setting following various data provisioning strategies for different environment
  • Experience with Informatica TDM
  • Experience with Delphix and Informatica IDQ would be an asset
  • Experience in running the data profiling on data domains, datasets and columns to identify the sensitive data elements, building the logical PK-FK relationships on TDM metadata side
  • Experience in anonymizing the structured data (SQL/No-SQL, Azure SQL, Cosmo DB) as well as un-structured((JSON/XML/BLOB) data
  • Experience in dynamic and persistent data masking techniques including encryption, tokenization, randomization, substitution, customized masking techniques and seed value masking
  • Experience in masking the high-volume datasets with consistency across all the enterprise applications
  • Experience in writing SQL queries for sub-setting the data and performing the data validation post data anonymization
  • Experience in creating the referentially intact datasets using different entities
  • Experience in building and creating the anonymized certified data sets as well as versioning them based on the stakeholder needs
  • Experience with Informatica Power Center and Developer client tools understand the mappings, workflow and mapplets. Additional experience on IICS will be additionally good requirement for the role
  • Experience in creating subset test data plans and build subset queries for SQL/Azure SQL sources

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