Full Stack Engineer

  • Компания: Ubiquiti Inc
  • Регион: Киев
  • Район: Голосеевский
  • Метро: Дворец «Украина»
  • Адрес: улица Николая Амосова, 12
  • Отрасль компании: IT - разработка ПО
  • Рубрика: IT
  • Контактное лицо: Alina Paramonova
  • Контактный телефон: 359-XX-XX показать
  • Владение языками: Английский (продвинутый)
  • Вид занятости: полная занятость

Ubiquiti Inc is an American technology company started in 2005. Based in New York, NY, Ubiquiti manufactures wireless data communication products for enterprise and wireless broadband providers with a primary focus on under-served and emerging markets.



Extensive experience of coding in JavaScript (including ES6)

Experience of using React, Redux, AngularJS, Serverless, Hapi, or other popular JavaScript frameworks

Experience in using cloud hosting services (AWS, Heroku)

Experience in Apache Tomcat, Java, Python, and Node.js

Knowledge of Git, Webpack and Babel

Knowledge of Linux/Unix



Work with a team of other developers in an agile environment

Willingness to learn new things on a regular basis

Ability to give and receive constructive criticism


What do we offer:

International work environment and work with global development teams

Excellent work conditions in an A-Class office (Horizon Park Business Center)

Compensation package matching global standards

Flexible work hours (as required)

Paid parking, courses, training, conferences and business trips

Medical insurance


The Ubiquiti Kiev office is looking for full stack developers who share our passion for innovation and technology and desire to do something extraordinary. This position will create innovative software for developing hardware and cooperate with our labs from different countries around the globe. We expect you to bring your experience, enthusiasm and creativity wherever you go and put them in the work you do. You should be able to think out of the box when finding solutions to brand new problems and make things work when the solution is not straightforward.



Особенности вакансии


  • Middle/Специалист

Вид занятости

  • Полная занятость


  • Голосеевский район
  • Печерский район


  • Дворец “Украина”

Знание языка

  • Английский язык
  • Английский (продвинутый)

Язык программирования

  • JavaScript

Тип разработки

  • Web development

Framework Javascript

  • Node.js
  • Angular.JS
  • React.JS

Операционная система

  • Linux
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