2 дня назад - 25.01.2022

Support agent


Адрес: Харьков

To work with computers, or to work with people, that is the question…

If you are familiar with this dilemma, maybe you are our future Technical Support Manager!

Let us tell you more about our product and this position.


We are a team of passionate and enthusiastic people driven to create a platform that will move services online. We have serious ambitions to make our product the best in the market. At this stage, our platform focuses on technical support services.

We’ve already made a successful release. And now we are searching for new people to empower our team.


Our product is all about service. So we need someone who will work directly with our users and do everything possible to make them happy.

Our dream candidate is someone who deeply understands technologies and, at the same time, can find a common language with anyone. The human approach, empathy, and friendliness are as crucial for this position as a solid technical background.

Daily work:

Every day you will chat with our English-speaking users and provide answers to their technical questions (software issues, setting up drivers for the TV set, Gmail password recovery, etc.).

Also, you will conduct user research, gather insights, and propose solutions on how to improve our product.

Of course, we won’t leave you alone with users. Product, Marketing, and Operations teams will work closely with you and help you achieve the best possible results.


— You will be the face of the product, so we expect at least one year of experience in a Customer Support position involving technical knowledge.

— You should be able to explain complex technical things to non-technical people, so your need an Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level of English.

— You will work remotely – from home, cafe, or desert island - that’s why strong time-management and self-management skills are a must.

— Working knowledge of Zendesk or other help desk software will be very useful.

— Experience working with Windows and macOS, deep knowledge of popular online services like Gmail and Netflix, and certification in relevant computer technology or software will be a super advantage.


— You will get all the perks of working for a start-up, including complete freedom of action and decision-making, ability to work with highly-motivated people and learn from them, and fast career growth;

— You can count on the high level of compensation that allows you to focus on work;

— We offer a flexible working schedule (morning/evening/night shifts) right from the start;

— Medical insurance after a trial period included.

Hurry up to send us your CV. And let’s create the best product together!

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