1 день назад - 04.03.2021

Strategic Planner


Адрес: Киев, Подольский, Контрактовая площадь
Контакт: Marina
Телефон: +380634410275

SAPHIRA AGENCY is looking for an outstanding Strategic Planner to join the creative team of a digital marketing agency with a very diverse portfolio of clients to work with.

What it takes to be a Strategic Planner with us:

  • Have a confident understanding of what marketing is and how it works;
  • Logical, analytical thinking skills;
  • Be responsible for presentations' preparation in Keynote/Powerpoint;
  • Possess the Ukrainian/Russian language skills & be proficient in the English language at the very least at the Intermediate level;
  • Be able to work with a large amount of data - have the skills of info search & analysis
  • An added advantage: have experience and skills in researching processes, conducting deep interviews.

Your responsibilities:

  • Presentations' creation
  • Conduction of field marketing researches (search for respondents & conduct respective interviews with them), processing of the data obtained (interpretation & analysis of interviews conducted)
  • Collection of openly available info & data on markets & consumers
  • Conduct an analysis of brands' products & perform communication with their audience
  • Participate in strategy development for various brands and improve clients' experience

Sr. Strategic Planner as a mentor which will determine your personal tasks and oversee your professional development:

  • Experience in a multinational company
  • Experience with multinational & multicultural markets
  • Work experience with international brands of various industries & various target audiences
  • Vast experience which will enhance your professional skills & career development
  • Highly competitive salary
  • Comfy office next to Kontraktova Square metro station
  • Plenty of cookies & sweets & coffee.

Sounds like a job for you? Send your CV!

Marina 38 (063) 441-02-75

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