1 день назад - 01.12.2020

Compensation & Benefits Specialist


Адрес: Киев, Шулявка

<b/>MGID</b> was founded in 2008 and is one of the leading companies in native advertising. We enable our media partners to monetize their audience and help brands to promote their services and goods effectively.

<b/>MGID</b> offers a range of integrated solutions covering the promotion process every step of the way; we offer services ranging from planning out the marketing strategy to its thoughtful implementation and optimization. Our clients include major international brands like Renault, Domino’s, airbnb, PizzaHut, Qatar Airlines, and many others, including media organizations and web agencies.

<b/>MGID is:</b>

— One of the largest MarTech-companies in the Ukrainian market;

— A proprietary Highload service that delivers 185 billion advertisements to 850 million unique users in more than 60 languages;

— The winner of multiple AdTech awards for innovation and product quality;

— A workforce of 700+ employees operating from offices in the US, Europe and Asia;

— A passion for cutting-edge technologies and a seamless vertical structure that allows the regional teams to exchange skills and development practices.

<b/>Your main duties:</b>

— Develop and direct implementation of compensation and benefits programs that provide a competitive level of pay, motivation, and reward to employees, as well as protection;

— Design fair and attractive incentives and/or bonus programs for specific employee categories;

— Participate in evaluation of jobs positions throughout the organization (implement grading);

— Develop salary policy lines for all departments, salary ranges for each job family based by job evaluation (grade);

— Develop and communicate method rules and procedures for line managers to proceed with base salary management;

— Evaluates how effective the benefit packages are in terms of employee safety, well being and experience;

— Participate in compensation and benefits surveys in order to collect market data to determine, establish, and maintain market competitiveness

— Monitor competitive trends in compensation and benefits and evaluate alternatives and costs;

— Collect/prepare/review data from surveys to deliver actionable insights;

— Prepare the compensation and benefits budget, including the regular monitoring, reporting and adjustment;

— Calculate and monitor Base and Variable Pay Salary Index;

— Lead the development of compensation and benefits policy.

<b/>You fit these requirements:</b>

— 5+ years of experience in HR-related functions;

— 2+ years of dedicated C&B experience;

— Degree in HR Management and/or Statistics is preferred;

— Experience cooperating with business intelligence units on data report and pay dashboards;

— Professional certifications (GRP, WorldAtWork, etc);

— Budget management experience;

— Strong analytical skills;

— B2 and above level of English.

<b/>What we offer:</b>

— A career in one of the most ambitious, high-potential IT companies in Ukraine;

— A key role in our quest to take over the global digital advertising market;

— A diverse work experience with extensive international exposure;

— An opportunity to work in a dynamic and innovative Adtech environment;

— A ‘Premium’-level health insurance package.

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