6 дней назад - 25.03.2020

Webtools Full Stack Developer


Адрес: Харьков
Контакт: Tatyana Ivanova
Телефон: 8-057-766-07-13

Gameloft is looking for a skilled full stack developer in order to build customized web-based internal applications.

Why join us:

  • Improve your skills and techniques to meet the demands of ever growing business processes
  • Work with complex / critical to production processes & applications
  • Improve your knowledge on designing and building scalable enterprise applications, work on databases with high concurrency and big data sets, design and improve existing application server architecture.
  • New challenges and opportunities every day as the business needs evolve

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Building new projects from scratch (design, development, deployment)
  • Ensure ongoing support for delivered projects
  • Work closely with the product owners in order to understand and implement their requests


  • Good experience with PHP and MySQL
  • Good knowledge of frameworks (Symfony / Angular are preferred)
  • Good frontend design abilities • Good communication skills and an agile mindset • Good English speaking and writing skills are a must; • Rigor and autonomy are essential.
  • Show willingness to self-improve and be keen on learning new technologies
  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to quickly integrate in a multinational team, work with remote teams
  • Being able to cope well with changes in the team and/or the projects you are working on


  • Professional working environment;
  • Supportive working climate, a young team with a free communication style and also the possibility to make outstanding performances fairly rewarded;
  • Expand your technical knowledge
  • Friendly atmosphere and support for personal growth

Our technology stack consists of various programming languages ( PHP, Javascript & TypeScript, RxJS ), popular frameworks ( Symfony, Angular ), database systems ( MySQL ), and technologies such as : GIT, SVN, Rabbit MQ, Amazon Web Services, Docker.

The team's portfolio covers :

  • Production & QA Tools
  • Customer Care systems
  • Tools for the Community Management teams
  • Software for the Hardware Management departments
  • Global organizational strategy applications
  • Build management & submission tools

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