3 дня назад - 18.10.2021

Middle Manual QA Engineer (Layout team)

MaxiTech, LLC

Адрес: Киев, Подольский, Почтовая площадь
Контакт: Rina

Required skills:

- At least 2 years of real working experience with Web-based projects

- Knowledge and understanding of QA processes

- Ability to estimate QA activities required for the project

- Understanding the principles and standards of good bug reporting

- Ability to write clear, concise and comprehensive test plans and test cases

- Strong knowledge of testing types and methodologies

- Test case design in the end-to-end integration testing

- Deep understanding of the Software Development life-cycles

- Experience of working in an Agile (Scrum/Kanban) development environment

- Ability to work in a fast pace environment that requires frequent shift in areas of focus

- Ability to work independently

- Good written and verbal English skills

We offer:

- Cutting-edge technology stack

- Team of strong IT professionals working in a dynamic startup environment

- Practices we follow: TDD, DI, CI\CD\CT

- Perspective to create complex and useful product from scratch using modern approaches

- Big amount of knowledge-sharing practices and sessions

- Centrally located office near Poshtova Square metro station with great view from our terrace

- Competitive salary, reasonable and fair working conditions, flexible schedule

- Medical insurance


- Manually test web applications and systems across the platform (primarily test layout)

- Track and report the life cycle of discovered bugs

- Prepare to release deployments making sure QA of every release is on high level

- Provide test support for the development team throughout all stages of development

- Communicate on any risks from QA perspective that could affect future release

- Regularly communicate QA status reports to the team, Product Owner and Business Stakeholders

- Ensuring each release meets well-defined quality standards by working closely with Product Owners on estimates, statuses and risk

- Plan and deliver test coverage of the product

- Drive tech improvements/projects that could improve QA within the platform

Project description

Maxitech is a R&D office of large international holding, building a portfolio of products linked to each other with the business goals they are addressing. Our project is long term and has stable financing. There are existing solutions for Marketing&Sales departments which are already in production and have active phase of new functions development as well as start-up products.

Maxitech R&D team's target is developing software solutions maximizing the performance of the core business. Current team size is 190+ employees. We are looking for experts ready to bring their knowledge and contribute to building the new, best-in-the class, software product.

Our company headquarter is in Israel. We also have offices in 8 locations worldwide. R&D team is fully concentrated in Kiev.

We don't do outstaff or outsource, we don't have a 'client' and don't sell any service. We make qualitative software products to enable the business become more efficient and successful.

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