Mondelez Ukraine is a part of international group Mondelēz International – one of the world’s largest chocolate, biscuits and candy manufacturer, and the second largest gum manufacturer. It’s famous for legendary world’s and Ukrainian snack brands – Milka, Belvita, Barni, Tuc, Picnic, Dirol, Halls, Korona, Chipsy Lyuks.

We creat world famous brands with simple dream: create delicious moments of joy. We have scale and resources of the global snacking powerhouse and we are hungry for more. And we believe only best talents inspired and engaged can make our dream reality.

Analyst Accounting & External Reporting, Ukraine

  • Company: Монделіс Україна, ПАТ / Крафт Фудз Україна / Mondelez Ukraine
  • Region: Sumy
  • Company branch: FMCG
  • Rubriс: Accounting - Taxes - Financial enterprises
  • Contact person: Юлия Тонковид
  • Languages: English (intermediate)
  • Job Type: full-time

Position Purpose

Support accounting and tax applications and systems. Development of accounting procedures in SAP system. Prepare report on transfer prices formation.


Main Responsibilities:

  1. Collection, classification, communication and control over elimination of problematic issues in the accounting, provided by end users in SAP system
  2. Responsibility over implementation of necessary changes, driven by the changes in the legislation, and which impact reporting processes, to the finance or other modules of the system
  3. Leading the continuous improvement processes by optimizing flows and time spent on the tasks by the accountants
  4. Control of support providing and development of the system via providing continuous communication between the departments of the Company. Testing and implementation of the system with close cooperation with other key users of the system.
  5. Development of VBA macros in Excel to facilitate accountants in their work and improve system's data quality.
  6. Active participation in the development and implementation of changes to existing or new systems. Development and updating of business processes. Providing of correct adjusting of the system in accordance with the accounting and tax rules of the Ukrainian legislation.
  7. Carries through the registration of outgoing tax invoices and calculations of the adjustments in Unified Register of Tax Invoices - according to sec.201.10 of art. 201 of Tax Code of Ukraine (for transactions with the trading network; in accordance to terms of the contract).
  8. Receives from trading network and carries through registration in URTI incoming e-calculations of adjustments - according to par.3 sec.192.1 of art.192 of Tax Code of Ukraine.
  9. Controls VAT tax base calculations according to sec.188.1 of art.188 of Tax Code of Ukraine.
  10. Be responsible for SAP system financial block:
  • Agreement of local projects with acting agreed templates;
  • Conduct training for end users
  • Find out defects on basis of users' appeal; propose ways of system improvement and modification. Create action plans or implement corrective actions based on results.
  • Propose decisions for business about system improvement in accordance with best practice.
  • Provide data accuracy and succession in accordance with approved business process template.
  1. Development of documents and obtaining electronic keys in Key Certification Center "Ukraina" and Information and in Information and Reference Department of Ministry of Revenue
  2. Be a key user of «MEDOC.IS »:
  • Adjustment and forming of the required tax reports
  • Maintaining the matrix on access rights for users to the system.
  • Providing support for the users.
  • Communication with the team responsible for technical support providing.



University Degree

3+ years of professional experience

Good PC skills

Professional expertise and consulting assistance in support of Integral Software accounting systems

Collection, analysis and control databases system problems, and staff support when when they arise

Ability to work with accounting programs and Microsoft software

Communication skills

Особенности вакансии

Вид занятости

  • Полная занятость

Знание языка

  • Английский язык


  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel

Система автоматизации

  • SAP

Функция в бухгалтерии / финансах

  • Финансовый контроль
  • Финансовый анализ

Вид аудита

  • Внутренний аудит и контроль
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