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Site Management Support Project Manager

1 месяц назад
13 апреля 2023

ACTED — французька неурядова організація, заснована в 1993 році, яка підтримує вразливі верстви населення, які постраждали від гуманітарних криз у всьому світі. ACTED надає постійну підтримку вразливим громадам шляхом забезпечення стійкості післякризових заходів та готовності до довгострокових викликів, що стоять перед населенням, з метою подолання циклу бідності, сприяння розвитку та зменшення вразливості до катастроф. Наші співробітники завжди готові реагуванню в надзвичайні ситуації, підтримці та відновленню сталого розвитку через 450 проектів у 39 країнах.


Activities implementation (technical areas)

 Partner coordination and service Delivery monitoring 

  • Liaising and coordination with all humanitarian partners and stakeholders working in the sites.
  • Participate in coordination meeting with Sub National clusters (particularly CCCM, Shelter, Protection).
  • Develop and implement a schedule of visits to collective sites.
  • Monitoring of service provision at site level to identify possible gaps and needs of IDPs. Support to partners to achieve agreed minimum standards and service delivery quality.
  • Timely reporting any gaps and/or duplication in service delivery and advocating through the appropriate mechanism for achieving agreed minimum standards and service delivery quality
  • Assist in the development of monitoring tools (4W table/service mapping, Gap Analysis Matrix, contact lists, etc.). 
  • Supporting HLP activities and engaging in negotiations with gatekeepers, landowners, and local authorities to ensure proper formal land tenure agreement are in place and risk of eviction is minimized. 

 Community liaison, mobilisation, and accountability

  • Overall implementation of different community engagement activities aimed and strengthening accountability towards affected population and building trust with project beneficiaries.
  • Promote regular communication between ACTED staff and site residents, either through individual consultations or community meetings.
  • Overseeing of and support to ACTED Communication with Communities (CwC) activities, including but limited to outreach activities and information campaigns. 
  • Support the management of information desks and Complaint and Feedback Mechanism (CFM), including collection, analysis, and response to appeals received from site residents.
  • Overseeing the organization of mobilization and socialization activities in collaboration with local partners. 
  • Training and coaching of residents representatives, partner agencies and centre team on CCCM and CCCM related topic.

 Capacity building activities

  • Assist the Capacity Building Officer in the implementation of a Learning Needs Assessment and report development.
  • Assist in the development of a training curriculum and methodology.  
  • Facilitate in the planning and execution of training activities, including identification of trainees, venues, procurement and attend training events.
  • Assist the Capacity Building Officer with report generation.

 Rehabilitation works and site maintenance

  • Support needs analysis and site assessment and make sure that selected works benefit the site population. 
  • Supporting the Engineer in preparing plans for centre works as well as preparation of accurate BoQs and forms for the procurement of construction material and/or outsourcing of works. 
  • Monitor the implementation of works by site infrastructure team and/or contractors as needed. 
  • Considering environmental impacts of infrastructure works from planning to implementation and taking all the necessary measures to mitigate the impacts as much as possible.   

 Information Management

  • Monitor the use of internal information management tools (dashboards, trackers, etc.), ensure that data collected are timely recorded and are of good quality.
  • Overseeing information management activities and information sharing with partners and stakeholders to improve coordination. 

 Support to in-Kind Distribution 

  • Support the team in collecting needs for hygiene items, non-standard NFIs and other type of humanitarian assistance, by paying particular attention to the needs of vulnerable categories. 
  • Support in the procurement process, including preparation of internal documents and forms to launch purchase.
  • Supervise distribution of in-kind assistance, including collection of supporting documents and update of internal trackers. 
  • Support in managing in kind items in stock, assuring that items and their transportation to site are adequately planned and stock exhausted.
  • Working directly with sites’ residents and managers to promote transparency in the distribution of the assistance, including regular monitoring of use of transferred values and support to AMEU team during internal review.

 Protection mainstreaming

  • Considering gender, protection, and GBV concerns in all aspects of activities.
  • Promoting of and adhering to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse policy and guidelines (for centre residents, ACTED staff, partner agencies, casual labours).
  • Supporting and promoting participation of women, youth, people with specific needs and marginalised groups. 
  • Referring to and following up with protection partners on identification and addressing of cases of vulnerability within the camp.
  • Coordinating assistance to vulnerable individuals at camp events with protection partners and other humanitarian agencies (like distribution, registration, etc).
  • Ensure that principles of data confidentiality are respected in information management activities and that sensitive data of beneficiaries are protected when stored or shared if strictly necessary.   
  • Ensuring that all centre maintenance and infrastructure interventions are carried out through a vulnerability lens and whenever centre maintenance activities are implemented, always consider accessibility to infrastructure and inclusion of people with specific needs. 

Project management and reporting 

Planning, Implementation and Reporting 

  • Developing weekly and long-term work plans for the project implementation, set direction by prioritizing and organizing activities and resources to achieve project objectives and ensuring regular follow-ups on plans implementation.
  • Organizing regular staff internal meetings. 
  • Timely reporting on problems and challenges in the centre to line manager and to the project coordinator (e.g. activities implementation, urgent complaints and concern raised by the community etc).
  • Timely reporting on security and safety incidents, including fire, evictions, floods and any possible security hazards in the centre to line manager and to the line manager and Project Coordinator.  
  • Timely submission of internal reports (weekly, monthly and ad hoc donor reporting).
  • Day to day supervision of the team.
  • Ensure that staff and incentivized labour for their centre are actively following their TORs and abiding by ACTED’s Code of Conduct.
  • Support to Area Coordinator and Project Coordinator in identifying areas for improvement and developing centre strategy.
  • Supporting AMEU activities during monitoring and evaluation activities of project implementation and addressing recommendation of AME department to enhance effectiveness of project activities and maximize impacts. 


  • Provide inputs for the elaboration of Procurement plans as requested by Logistics Department. 
  • Send accurate and precise order forms in a timely manner.
  • Confirm quality of material selection if and when applicable. 
  • Ensure a proper management and use of the project assets and stocks.
  • Plan team movements based on available fleet and applicable policies.


  • Review the BFU(s) and provide accurate forecasts with BoQs.
  • Forecast monthly cash requirements of the project and submit to AC.
  • Following and Monitoring Project expenditures. 

Transparency and Compliance

  • Ensuring compliance to ACTED internal procedures and donor procedures.
  • Accurate record keeping of project documentation, including photos and proper filing of meeting minutes, attendance sheets, assessment reports/documents, review and updating of databases etc., in soft and hard copy.

Human resources

  • Participation in recruitment of new staff.
  • Support in hiring and management of daily labour.
  • Identification of capacity-building needs and opportunities of the team, to achieve these through support or training in coordination with Area Coordinator/TC/HR department. 
  • Ensure a positive working environment and good team dynamics. 
  • Undertake regular appraisals of staff.


  • Provide translation of various documents (e.g. reports, minutes, beneficiary lists, information signs) upon needs.
  • Perform any additional task as requested by the line manager.


  • University Degree in management or relevant disciplines.
  • At least 2 years’ experience in project management, preferably in an INGO/NGO setting.
  • Knowledge of the Ukrainian humanitarian context
  • Understanding of humanitarian principles, SPHERE standards, 
  • Preferable knowledge in either (or multiple) of the following fields of intervention: CCCM, WASH, Shelter/infrastructure and NFIs, Protection programming.
  • Experience of project cycle management and application of related tools
  • The ability for rapid analysis of very complex issues, strong decision-making, and translation of programmatic learning and priorities into operational strategies
  • Good team leadership and conflict resolution skills, consensus team building, and adaptability
  • Good computer and IT skills and strong communication and writing skills
  • Fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian. 
  • High level of flexibility and motivation.

Подача заявки:

Зацікавлені кандидати повинні надіслати резюме англійською мовою вказавши в темі листа посаду, на яку претендують (повідомлення без вказання посади не розглядатимуться). Тільки вибрані кандидати будуть запрошені на співбесіду. IMPACT і ACTED — роботодавці рівних можливостей.


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