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30 марта 2023
Днепрул. Рибінська 102


1. Provide accounting services for the base:

  • Checks entries
  • Provides information pertinent to the correct budgetary charging of expenses and monitors budget entries
  • Verifies physical cash count
  • Makes bank reconciliation
  • Archives accounting documentation in accordance with ACTED procedures

2. Cost Control:

  • Ensures proper cost allocation
  • Ensures the proper use and plan of running costs 

3. Setting in place and following up financial collaboration and coordination with mission partners:

  • Implements and monitors the modes of financial management in the framework of joint projects
  • Establishes with the partner the financial and budgetary aspects of partnership conventions and agreements
  • Verifies the partners accountancy and financial reports
  • Ensures that the undertakings of ACTED and its partners on financial and budgetary matters are respected
  • Plays a role in consolidating the capacities of partners where a need is identified 

4. Ensure compliance with purchasing procedures:

  • Performs quality control of the tendering procedure
  • Ensures quality control of the invoices
  • Checks the nature of the document and its presentation (photocopy, original, pro forma, translation, date, signature, stamp, terms used, accuracy of calculations, etc.)

5. Financial Reporting preparation and support

  • By the 5th of each month, control that the financial information at the  base level is accurate, complete and submitted on time for monthly and yearly closures
  • Ensure the preparation of Financial Reports to donors, crosscheck allocation tables with the financial reports and update the allocation tables accordingly, if needed
  • Follow-up payments from donors and financial project close-out (contract liquidation).
  • Ensure the review and control of partners’ financial reports and documentation
  • For each partner’s report received, check the physical documentation and its consistency with the partner’s ledger, check the expenses allocations
  • Check that the partner’s expenses are correctly recorded in SAGA 

6. Cost Analysis (between the 10th and 15th of each month and upon request)

  • Update the Running Costs follow-up tool at the capital level and conduct market surveys upon request of the CFM 
  • Update the Allocation Tables (monthly and upon new contract signature as well)
  • Update the ACT follow-up tool and suggest potential reallocations to the CFM
  • Upon request, present a cost analysis of the capital level and the base to CFM and CD to support the decision making process

7. Participate in quarterly and annual audits:

  • At the end of the contract or annually, prepare the files to be sent to headquarters (final checking of invoices and their presence, complete the risk file if necessary)
  • Prepare the document base on external/ internal Auditors query 
  • Finalize the dispatch of files by adding labels and adequate packaging

8. Training and Capacity Building

  • Ensure training of base finance staff on ACTED FLAT Procedures and tools
  • Support the finance and administration teams in the mastering of financial          documents, accounting software SAGA:
  • Contribute to the global efficiency enhancement of the teams
  • Perform trainings on financial management to local partners


  • Accuracy in partner’s accounting and reporting 
  • Accuracy in bank payments
  • Accuracy in cost allocation and budget implementation
  • Accuracy in mission accountancy
  • Accuracy of the mission finance archive


  • Good knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures
  • Advanced MS Excel skills (creating spreadsheets and using financial functions)
  • Familiarity with accounting software (e.g. 1C; SAGA, QuickBooks)
  • Intermediate level of English
  • Extreme attention to detail, with an ability to spot numerical errors
  • Self-Organizational skills and ability to work with minimum level of supervision


“ACTED has a zero-tolerance approach to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH). Please note that any candidate offered a job will sign the Code of Conduct, and related policies, as part of their work contract. Misconduct can lead to dismissal.”

Andrii Lisovskyi

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