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Site Management Support Engineer

1 месяц назад
05 апреля 2023
Днепрул. Рибінська 102


Rehabilitation works and maintenance in collective sites.

  • In coordination with the other team members, as well as the line manager, conduct assessments to identify possible small-medium construction works with a focus the improvement of living standards for IDPs in collective sites Identify and suggest.
  • While carrying out assessments, always pay special attention to issues of accessibility and special needs of vulnerable group, particular of people with limited mobility
  • Prepare documentation needed to process rehabilitation works in collective sites, including assessment reports with estimated costs, site plans, accurate BoQ, detailing needed construction materials and description of works.
  • Develop workplans for site maintenance and rehabilitation, and monitor the implementation of works by casual labourer /contractors as needed.
  • Select casual labours and ensure that there is an equal representation of gender, age and minorities within the workforce.
  • Ensure all the necessary measure to guarantee safety of casual labours, contractors and centre residents are in place through the implementation of centre maintenance, wash and infrastructure works.
  • Store, manage and maintain tools and items for site upgrading/site maintenance in coordination with the logistic department and ensuring compliance to ACTED internal procedures
  • Coordinate with other ACTED department regarding procurement of any material resources for site upgrading/centre maintenance.
  • Conduct HLP due diligence processes prior to the implementation of the maintenance and upgrade works.

Community liaison, mobilisation, and accountability

  • In cooperation with the other team members, consult residents and centre focal points prior to implement site improvements and maintenance works.
  • Cooperate with the other team`s members to create a skill mapping of the residents in the site, particularly in regard to construction and specialized works (such as plumbing, carpentry etc etc).
  • Liaising with other team members for complaints and feedbacks related to shelter, site maintenance and infrastructure.

Protection mainstreaming

  • Considering  gender, protection, and GBV concerns in all aspects of activities
  • Promoting of and adhering to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse policy and guidelines (for site residents, ACTED staff, partner agencies, casual labours)
  • Supporting and promoting participation of women, youth, people with specific needs and marginalised groups 
  • Consult the community prior to conduct any site maintenance and infrastructure work so that the activities are implemented in a participatory manner, with active involvement of community members, particularly vulnerable groups and people with specific need  
  • Ensuring that all site maintenance and infrastructure interventions are carried out through a vulnerability lens and whenever site maintenance activities are implemented, always consider accessibility to infrastructure and inclusion of people with specific needs 

Project management and reporting

  • Supporting the line manager in devising weekly and long-term work plans for the project implementation, particularly or information management activities 
  • Attending regular staff coordination meetings
  • Liaise with other actors (site managers, humanitarian agencies), ensuring consistency and coordination of activities in the site
  • Timely reporting on problems and challenges to the Project Manager
  • Timely submission of weekly report  or other reports as requested by the line manager 


  • Prepare accurate BoQ for Project Implementation 
  • Prepare accurate and precise order forms in a timely manner.
  • Confirm quality of material selection if and when applicable 
  • Dealing with contractors whenever needed or requested.


  • Commitment to continuous learning through trainings and timely identification of capacity-building needs and opportunities, in coordination with line Manager/TC/HR Dept.  
  • Select casual labours for site maintenance and infrastructure work.
  • Train and supervise unskilled labours.

Transparency and Compliance 

  • Ensuring compliance to ACTED internal procedures and donor procedures.
  • Accurate record keeping of project documentation, including photos and proper filing of meeting minutes, databases, attendance sheets, assessment reports/documents, review and updating of databases etc., in soft and hard copy. 


  • Perform any additional task as requested by the line Manager.


“ACTED has a zero-tolerance approach to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH). Please note that any candidate offered a job will sign the Code of Conduct, and related policies, as part of their work contract. Misconduct can lead to dismissal.”

Andrii Lisovskyi

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