Technical Senior Delivery Manager

  • Company: Intellias
  • Region: Lviv
  • Company branch: IT-software Manufacturing
  • Rubriс: IT
  • Languages: English (upper intermediate)
  • Job Type: full-time

Project Overview:

As a leader in Ukrainian IT outsourcing and recognized employer, Intellias expands its services for new clients in Europe and other countries over the world. Now Intellias is looking for skilled Delivery (Project) Manager with excellent communication skills and strong technical background.

On this position the manager will start to build a new portfolio of cooperation with new customers in modern R&D domains, analyze their needs and provide deal proposal with right technical solution and project governance. As the portfolio growth the candidate should be able to scale the org unit, hire delivery managers and cultivate operational excellence and business growth.


  • Build a new portfolio of projects,
  • Prepare proposals for customers and launch new projects,
  • Directing and managing one or more, medium to large-sized project(s) of moderate complexity,
  • Ensuring that quality software is delivered according to specification using the correct procedures in line with technical and business objectives,
  • Being involved from start to finish in analysis, preparing statements of work for new project proposals, and organizing effective change management,
  • Working closely with the stakeholders on both sides to manage the day-to-day work of the development team,
  • Establishing a plan for the execution of the project, including a work-breakdown-structure, task dependencies, schedule, and risk mitigation,
  • Ensuring that adequate and qualified staffing is assigned for each of the major project areas, in consultation with the appropriate functional managers and team leaders,
  • Tailoring and facilitating right software engineering processes and defining the roles and responsibilities of all of the project team members,
  • Coaching, mentoring, motivating and supervising project team members. Influencing them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work, providing timely feedback to individuals and resource managers,
  • Maintaining and reviewing technical documentation,
  • Ensuring that the projects deliver the desired results within project constraints,
  • Tracking project reporting, team velocity, ensuring key performance indicators reaching success level values,
  • Producing agreed regular progress reports on the project status for delivery and company management.


  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Management Information Systems,
  • 3-4 year full-time practice as a Project Manager with direct project accountability,
  • Experience in the software development outsourcing industry,
  • Experience in managing teams of 10-20 people,
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to influence people, leadership by examples, cultural awareness,
  • Experience in requirement analysis, effort estimating, project scheduling, risk and change management,
  • Understanding of different software methodologies - SCRUM, Agile, Waterfall,
  • Experience in software engineering practices, quality assurance, improving team velocity,
  • Ability to execute and prioritize a number of tasks simultaneously, resolving inter-dependencies,
  • Upper-intermediate or advanced level or writing and verbal English,
  • Flexibility, emotional maturity,
  • Previous experience with software development is a big plus.

• З нами працюється продуктивно – за зручним робочим місцем з двома моніторами, якісною офісною інфраструктурою, та справді гнучким робочим графіком.

• Ми не знаємо, що таке «бюрократія». Натомість обіцяємо нетривіальний підхід до розв’язання задач із налагодженими процесами.

• Твої рішення для компанії справді мають вагу.

• Ми пропонуємо індивідуальний план розвитку в компанії для планування подальшого росту та винагородження досягнень

• З нами ти зможеш відвідати внутрішні та зовнішні тренінги, аби зростати професійно

• У нас – лише цікаві та амбітні європейські проекти (ми не вишукуємо баги в індуському коді)

• Ми розробляємо із agile-методологіями, використовуючи найновіші технології та фреймворки
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