3 дня назад - 10.05.2021

In-House Editor (English)

Хекса, ТОВ

Адрес: Киев, Ірининська 5\24, Шевченковский, Золотые Ворота
Контакт: Валентина

In our company, we always strive for the highest quality of our services. Even though we take every measure possible to ensure that our freelancers write brilliant and immaculate orders, it is human nature to make mistakes. If this statement is universally true, we are looking for a non-human, because he/she should never make mistakes!

So, if you are an alien, you are welcome to apply, too!

Your sole responsibility in this position will be:

  • to prevent even slightest mistakes from creeping into the orders we send to our customers;
  • and other writing projects of the company, thus improving the quality of our services and our overall image.

As this is quite an important mission, the requirements we set to the candidates are adequately rigorous.

You are likely to suit us if:

  • you have advanced English level. Advanced means advanced, not upper-intermediate or «I learnt it for ten years and I even worked as an English teacher»;
  • you can boast some measurable experience in writing and/or editing;
  • you know exactly how the reference page should look like in APA and MLA;
  • you are exceptionally meticulous and attentive to detail, no matter how much you slept last night;
  • you are perfectionist in your attitude to work, but not in your attitude to life and other people;
  • you are familiar with academic writing standards and will know if an academic paper is good from a mile away;
  • to you Wikipedia is not a credible source and you know what is.

If these requirements didn't scare you off and you are still reading, be aware that your skilled work and scrupulousness will be adequately rewarded.

Apart from generous remuneration, we will also provide you with:

  • paid vacations;
  • sick leaves;
  • leaves for personal issues;
  • unlimited coffee;
  • and a wealth of interesting writing projects to stimulate your professional development.

Don't you feel tempted to try? We can't wait to see your resume!

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