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Logistic Assistant/Driver

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Medicos del Mundo
4 дня назад
05 августа 2022
Офис в центре
Медицинская страховка


Medicos del Mundo (MdM), also known as Doctors of the World, has been operating in Ukraine since August 2015 and is currently implementing a humanitarian emergency response in the several parts of Ukraine. 

The program is implemented around two main components: direct delivery of services through multidisciplinary mobile units (including PHC, SRH, MHPSS and support to GBV survivors); strengthening of local health system (with a specific focus on PHC, SRH, MHPSS and GBV) through augmenting direct service provision at static health facility sites depending on local needs, donation of medical supplies and equipment and capacity building of health and non-health staff, awareness raising and advocacy.


 The Logistics Assistant/Driver is based in Zaporizhzhia with daily provision of transport of project staff to field work locations.


 The candidate will report to the Field Coordinator-Dnipro


 The Logistics Assistant/Driver will be under the direct supervision of the Field Coordinator and technical guidance of Deputy Logistic Coordinator. The main activity of the Logistics Assistant/Driver will be to provide daily transport to work locations for the MdM project staff, monitoring and maintenance of the vehicle, and in addition, when needed, to be responsible for successful procurement, storage, asset and disbursement of materials, equipment and goods when needed.                                                                             

 Logistic activities - as described below - are carried out in line with MdM’s and/or donors’ rules and regulations. 

 Transportation for Project Activities 

  • Review road conditions and security situation before the start of each work day.
  • Prepare overall monthly movement plan for daily transporting of MdM project staff to their work locations in consultation with MdM security rules and other security documents.
  • Obtain approval for daily and any other relevant movement plans.
  • Transport MdM project staff to their work locations and ensure drop off and pick up times for MdM project staff are communicated clearly to them in advance.
  • Stay up to date with daily unfolding security updates (using security apps) and communicate with project staff and Field Coordinator as needed based on the security situation and mitigation needs for each situation. 
  • Assist in loading/unloading and moving small and medium loads.
  • Maintain daily travel log of movements, times, destinations, passengers transported.
  • Driving of the vehicle, passengers and materials/equipment, safely and securely, respecting internal security rules and the Ukrainian traffic regulations. 
  • Ensuring having a valid driving license, medical certificate, insurance policies, personal identification (ID) document, and always have it ready for any eventual inspection.

 Fleet Management 

  • The Logistic Assistant/Driver will be responsible for Fleet Management of the base and will be tasked with facilitating and coordinating smooth movement, maintenance, and planning of all vehicles and generators operated by MdM. 
  • Under fleet management Logistic Assistant/Driver will be responsible for Transport Planning, drivers’ management, reporting, fleet maintenance and records keeping. 
  • Ensure the monitoring and maintaining all safety rules and regulations related to the fuelling of vehicles and report all violations to the Field Coordinator and Deputy Logistics Coordinator.
  • Ensure the management of Fleet and fuel supply through maintaining accurate inspection records.
  • Ensure that vehicles are in good working order by inspecting/testing the vehicles and arranging servicing and repair and keeping records thereof.
  • Checking on a daily basis the vehicle's technical conditions, oils and liquids according to traffic rules of Ukraine. 
  • Checking the technical conditions at the reception/daily starting point before leaving the garage/parking, and at the delivery at the end of working day providing to line manager information on any technical issue.
  • Ensuring the vehicle is clean on the inside and outside.
  • Ensuring all necessary equipment and material is present in the vehicle and in good condition (first aid kit, tools, spare wheel, airlift, belts, ropes, etc.).
  • Refilling the fuel tank each time the tank is at 1/2 of its capacity (and provide through line manager all documents required by the administrative department to confirm the expenditures).


The following job activities will be done depending on actual needs of the project work: 

  • Conducts canvassing of non-food items, food items, office supplies and non-medical supplies and equipment and other materials needed for the operations. Procure all equipment and materials for the office.
  • Get quotations from suppliers and produce bid analysis.
  • Facilitate filing of purchase requests, purchase orders, bid analysis, other procurement related documents (both hard copies and e-copies) to comply with documentation requirements for reporting/donor compliance.
  • Contribute/assist, as may be needed, in development of the procurement plan or as instructed by Deputy Logistics Coordinator/Field Coordinator.
  • Update purchase tracker on regular basis.
  • Follow up with suppliers e.g. delivery schedules of goods and other procurement related concerns.
  • Coordinates with and deals with suppliers and transport companies for the procurement and transportation of equipment and goods for the program. Set up contracts with suppliers as needed.
  • Identify what goods/equipment needs to be replenished, purchased and/or dispersed.
  • Facilitate the contact and dealing with hauling companies for the transport of goods and services.
  • Maintain a record of suppliers. 
  • Ensures proper documentation of all logistics processes
  • Assist and accommodate the implementation team in all of logistics support needed.
  • Ensures the appropriate use and security of assets and equipment.

 Stock management 

  • Ensure that all goods are stored and packed safely and securely.
  • Ensure that the physical organization of items within warehouses is logical, optimizing space and preserving accessibility of items
  • Check the accuracy and filing of all storage documents.
  • Check the registration of each item going in and out in the respect of MdM procedures.
  • Ensure physical inventories are done on a regular. 
  • Perform regular random checks across the various documents (MRs, invoices, stock cards, delivery notes, physical inventory reports,)
  • Ensure that the warehouse is in optimal conditions (cleaning and maintenance).
  • Review and Update the Stock report and coordinate with the programs regarding expiry dates and timely disposal and distribution plans.
  • Preparation and send the monthly stock report to the Deputy Logistics Coordinator /FieldCo, respecting the deadlines.

 Comprehensive Assets and Inventory management 

  • Maintaining up-to-date control of all assets including tracking donor, value, and location, managing staff issue, and recording all asset movements and disposals.
  • Support the team to manage Assets in an accountable way.
  • Coach the team/staff to dispose obsolete Assets and equipment
  • Support teams to complete filing of Assets and tagging 
  • Conduct physical count on regular basis and annually as per MdM standards.
  • Keep all records of asset related documents such as (MR, PO/Contract, GRN, Invoice, Asset issuance forms, asset transfer or disposal forms, donation etc)

 Facility Management 

  • Ensure the office maintenance, printing, scanning and photocopying of documents, logistics and hospitality arrangements in connection with meetings and other events.
  • Provide support in the running of the Guest House(s) - GH. This includes but not limited to dealing with the cleaner in ensuring the places are kept cleaned, GH are supply with toiletries, electrical appliances, etc.
  • Provide support in the daily running of the office, GHs, warehouses through the engagement with contractors, vendors, suppliers, etc and in close collaboration with the log team. 


  • Support partnering efforts and opportunities with the Local Government Units, other government line agencies and structures, NGOs, and other stakeholders through consultation, information sharing when necessary.
  • Provide support to other MdM units for programmatic activities in the organization and development of activities.
  • Provide assistance to the office staff, international staff, visiting experts and consultants with respect to visa support, customs formalities, accommodation and transportation (air and ground as applicable). 
  • Gather security-related information and assist in ensuring that the necessary measures are in place to ensure security, safety, health, and well-being of staff
  •   Any other duties as directed by the Field Coordinator, Deputy Logistics Coordinator related to logistics and security.

 Note: This list of activities is not exhaustive and may change depending on the situation


 Hierarchical link: Field Coordinator-DniproTechnical link: Deputy Logistics Coordinator


 Academic background: Degree in Economic or Logistics related fields


 Language requirements: 

  • Fluent in written and spoken Ukrainian and Russian
  • A good level of English is essential 

Computer requirements: Competency in MS Word and Excel; 


The successful candidate must have:

  • Minimum 1 year of Logistic or supply
  • Minimum 5 years of driving experience;
  • Valid driving license (category B) and medical certificate


  • Ability to work hard, quickly, under pressure, and with short deadlines
  • Necessity to manage priorities and to adapt them daily according to the context
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements
  • Cultural sensitivity and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Ability to listen and share decisions
  • Sense of humor 
  • Good writing and communication skills
  • Team player
  • Alignment with principles and ethics of Medicos del Mundo

 To apply:

  • Send CV + cover letter;

We offer:

  • Fixed term contract (till the end of 2022);
  • Salary according to the MDM salary Grid;
  • Medical insurance.
  • Full -time job
  • Location: Zaporizhzhia

Deadline for application - 25th of July, 2022


 Please note:  Every application unanswered within 15 days after deadline must be considered as desestimated.

Position will be filled on an onrolling  basis.

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