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Pharmacy Officer

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Medicos del Mundo
4 дня назад
26 сентября 2022
Офис в центре
Медицинская страховка


 For more than 20 years, Medicos del Mundo (MdM), a campaigning medical organisation committed to international solidarity, has been caring for the most vulnerable populations domestically and abroad. It has continued to highlight obstacles that exist in accessing health care and has secured sustainable improvements in health-for-all policies. Those working for this independent organisation do not solely dispense care and treatment but condemn violations of human dignity and rights and fight to improve matters for populations living in precarious situations. MdM currently works in 44 countries across all continents where it focuses on 4 priority areas: caring for the health of migrants and displaced persons, promoting sexual and reproductive health, harm reduction associated with drug use, emergencies and crisis. 

 MdM has been implementing programs in conflict affected regions of Ukraine since September 2015. MdM intervenes to improve access and quality of health care services for vulnerable conflict affected populations in Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts, namely internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities in government-controlled areas (GCA) and civilians remaining resident in non-government-controlled areas (NGCA). 

 A field team has been in place since June 2015 and is now implementing activities in government- and non-government-controlled areas of Luhansk and Donetsk Oblast. Since the RF high-scale invasion, MdM has been adjusting the programs in order to:

  • Restore access to primary healthcare services for displaced and host populations.
  • Improve specialized care for survivors of gender-based violence for displaced and host populations
  • Improve the material capacity of local health systems in conflict environment


  • To know the standard drug and medical consumables list of MdM, including international kits (TESK, IEHK etc.).
  • Provide support in preparing the necessary essential drug list, medical supplies, and consumables for the medical team/donations. 
  • Ensuring quality stock management of the MdM Pharmacy Warehouse, including management of drugs and medical supplies that are for donations. 
  • Provide a monthly physical up-dated inventory of the stocks present at the Warehouse and provide a regular drug stock monitoring tool. 
  • Providing regular coordination and reporting to the Medical Supervisor and to Field Coordinator to ensure that buffer stocks and regular stocks are in adequate quantities.


  • Responsible for the overall management of the MDM Pharmacy Warehouse with technical support by Medical Supervisor and Medical Coordinator.
  • Follow-up and management the drugs, medical supplies, and consumables stock with specific tools (Excel) and ensuring that things coming in and out of the pharmacy warehouse are registered and accounted through stock cards and other tools that are necessary.
  • Conduct monthly physical inventories inside the pharmacy warehouse and keeping the pharmacy records always updated. 
  • Receive the request orders of the drugs and medical supplies needed by the PHC and SRH Medical teams, prepare it according to it and make it available to them on a timely basis.
  • Make validation of each of the medical team’s drugs/consumable orders with signatures made by each relevant team member.
  • Ensure that all items are well organized and correctly stored, well protected, fully identified and easily accessible (Temperature and Humidity control, cleanliness, security, access, etc.).
  • Provide technical support in managing the pharmacy area and the small pharmacy warehouse.
  • Provide also technical support for the medical team’s management of the mini pharmacy of the teams where they will place all the drugs, medical supplies, and consumables that they have ordered for each week. 
  • Inform immediately the medical doctor of MU, health manager and Deputy MedCo in case of some soon-to-expire items.
  • To punctually prepare & send via email the drugs consumption report to the base and health authorities.


  • To maintain good socio-professional relationships with colleagues at MdM
  • To control temperature and humidity of pharmacy physical room daily
  • To keep good working relationship with health authorities
  • Be flexible in performing his/her duties 
  • Be a good team player
  • Have high sense of responsibility
  • Be able to participate in capacity building training sessions, conferences, workshops
  • Be responsible for a rational use of items within the pharmacy
  • Be always punctual and abide by MdM norms, principles, and code of conduct
  • To take care of laptop and printer
  • Perform other additional duties on request of the medical supervisor, FieldCo or Medical coordinator.


  • Hierarchical link: Health manager
  • Technical link: Health manager, Deputy/Medical Coordinator 
  • Functional link: Coordination team in the field, Logistic and Procurement teams

Profile required:

  • Pharmacist or health worker (medical doctor, nurse) with a relevant background on pharmacy studies.
  • Pharmacist experience will be a plus. 
  • Experience working with NGOs is to be considered as an asset.
  • Knowledge of public health issues and medical products. 
  • Experience in procurement of medical equipment and health products. 
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian policy and national guidelines. 
  • Experience in working and meeting with local authorities, partners and staff in a tricky context
  • Ability to have a global overview of a program (not only on medical plan)

Personal skills required:

  • Ability to take quick decisions according to the context in coordination with the team 
  • Diplomacy 
  • Reactivity, anticipation, adaptability, capacity to take initiatives
  • Organizational skills  
  • Good writing and communication skills 
  • Team work spirit
  • Gender sensitive


English - Intermediate level

Russian / Ukrainian - Fluent writing and speaking

Computer skills - very Good knowledge of office tools (MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint) 

  To apply:

  • Send CV + cover letter;

We offer:

  • Fixed term contract (till the end of 2022);
  • Salary according to the MDM salary Grid;
  • Medical insurance.
  • Full -time job
  • Location: Сhernivtsi


 Please note:  Every application unanswered within 15 days after deadline must be considered as desestimated.