17 часов назад - 13.06.2021

Клієнт-менеджер (німецька та англійська мова)

Austrian Airlines

Адрес: Львов
Контакт: Anastasiya (HR)
Телефон: +380504117782

Austrian Airlines search for client manager (with knowledge of German and English) to join our professional team.


  • excellent written and spoken German/English skills;
  • good knowledge of PC;
  • ability to study and grasp concepts information quickly;
  • strong desire to work and develop;
  • client oriented manager.

Advantages: ready to help, attentiveness, stress resistance, proactiveness and optimism.

Position requirements. Consulting customers over the phone regarding following questions:

  • ticket reservations;
  • refund/revalidation of tickets;
  • additional services;
  • data changes in bookings;
  • information about flight schedule/ticket prices;
  • selection of best possible itinerary taking into account customer preferences;
  • solving problems in emergency situations;
  • leading of data base, data processing;
  • coordination and communication to colleagues from different departments;
  • ability to grasp technical concepts and business principles quickly;
  • observe quality, quantity and discipline goals;
  • keeping confidentiality of valuable information;
  • active input into team productivity.

Being with us you will get:

  • official employment in the international company;
  • carrier development;
  • flexible schedule;
  • full time employment;
  • job with friendly staff;
  • paid apprenticeship;
  • getting of work experience in sphere indoor client management (back-office).

Benefits in Austrian Airlines:

  • comfortable working place;
  • ability to obtain first job experience;
  • on time salary, paid vacation and sick leave;
  • ability for carrier growth;
  • support and assistance of experienced specialists;
  • direct communication with senior managers.

It is more than a job!

Our customers are very important for us as well as our employees who chose Austrian Airlines.

The conditions on European level.

If this sounds like something you can do, and do well, please send us your resume and we will consider possible cooperation with you..

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