2 дня назад - 27.10.2020

Logistics Coordinator


30000 Basic salary + %

Адрес: Харьков
Контакт: Tatiana

We are looking for people who don't look for instructions. Here at Logity we count hits, not attempts. And we are seeking those who are aiming at the same target.

Our corporate commandments are pretty simple:

First, no useless corporate commandments.

Second, the better you do your job, the bigger raise you get. No whining, no idling, no faking, but making more each day. Our people are free to define their course, set goals and shoot them without long manuals and boring supervisors.

Now let us give you some facts about us.

Logity is the leading agent for the global transportation company Landstar, controlling thousands of carriers and cargoes en route throughout the United States and beyond. We have been operating for Landstar for seven years, and today are listed as one of its most effective agents with the highest profit performance worldwide. To keep growing, we are looking for a new Logistics Coordinator.

What you should do:

> Liaise with US-based clients, vendors, and carriers to provide on-time delivery at the most favorable price.

> Monitor cargo orders including value control of every transaction.

> Oversee deliveries, ensuring they are timely, and maintain accurate cargo logs.

> Pitch to new clients and carriers.

What you should be:

> At and above Intermediate level of English

> Good communication skills

> Strong self-management and problem-solving skills

> Experience in sales and logistics is a plus

What we offer:

> Basic salary + Bonus system:

> Start: from UAH 10,000 / month.

> Average salary: UAH 30,000 / month and higher.

> Bonuses are a percentage of each closed transaction on the accounts you brought on board.

Conditions we provide:

> Official employment without probation

> Sales and logistics training plus mentor guidance

> In-house English classes

> Mon-Fri, from 2:00 p.m.

We believe that OUR PEOPLE are distinguished by the ability to think independently and

be proactive. We're looking for specialists with a good command of English, but what we need most is the readiness to keep doing your thing and push forward day by day.

Note that after sending your CV and passing our initial assessment, you will be interviewed in three stages: personal interview with HR, test of your English level and technical interview with your future mentor. And all these worth the result.

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