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Logistics Coordinator

30 000 грн.

Транспорт и Логистика
  • Компания проверена по коду регистрации в Гос. реестре.
  • Все вакансии этой компании актуальны и проверены.
  • Адрес: Харьков
  • Контакт: Anastasia
  • Телефон: +38XXXXXXXXXX показать
Работа в Logistics Coordinator

Особенности вакансии

Вид занятости

  • Полная занятость

Знание языка

  • Английский язык

Вид перевозок

  • Международные перевозки
полная занятость
Английский (средний)

Описание вакансии

Landstar Agent Ukraine is a part of international logistics company that directly works with customers from North America (USA, Canada, Mexico). We are responsible for interacting with customers, carriers and the cargo control en route.


Our company has strong background and more than 7 years in the transportation industry. We have a broad range of loyal customers: from small farms to huge manufacturing companies. A large trailer park, numerous owner operators and thousands of approved capacity providers give us an opportunity to occupy a leading position in the American transportation market.


This year we plan significant growth and we are looking for result-oriented specialists for long-term cooperation.



  • Intermediate English level

  • Experience in logistics, international transportation or work experience abroad

  • Strong self-management and problem solving skills

  • Excellent communication skills



  • Consult company's clients on existing services

  • Monitor cargo orders including value control of every transaction - full cycle

  • Create and liaise with vendors and carriers

  • Oversee deliveries, ensure timely deliveries and maintain accurate logs of all loads



  • Basic salary + Bonus

  • Bonus: % from each closed transaction from the accounts you found

  • Start: from 10 000 UAH / month

  • Average salary: 30 000 UAH / month

  • Maximum rate: unlimited


Work conditions

  • Official employment

  • Training

  • No probationary period

  • Mentor 24/7

  • Mon-Fri, from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

  • free after hours taxi services

  • In-house English Classes.



We are interested in employee development and provide an opportunity to occupy leadership positions and take a higher level of responsibility within the professional sphere.


For Applicants

After sending the resume and passing the initial candidates evaluation, you are expected to have three stages of interviews: a personal interview with HR, a test of your English level and a technical interview with your future mentor.



Forward your CV to Landstar Agent Ukraine with the button below.



Контактное лицо: Anastasia

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