Landstar Agent Ukraine

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Landstar Agent Ukraine

Landstar Agent Ukraine is an official branch of a major American logistics company (founded 1988, USA). The Landstar business model is a unique network of independent agents and Landstar Agent Ukraine is the top #2 amongst more than a thousand terminals! We deliver special-purpose transportation solutions better than anyone else in the industry (indeed, we do). The company is a worldwide and asset-light provider of integrated transportation management solutions, delivering safe specialized transportation services to a wide range of customers utilizing a network of 1300 terminals, more than 44 000 outside capacity providers and with the use of 9 500 company trucks. We are to be the #1 and you can join us on our road to success!

Вакансии Landstar Agent Ukraine

Харьков | 21.06.2018  | 30 000 грн.

Харьков | 19.06.2018  | 30 000 грн.
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