2 дня назад - 23.02.2021

HR Specialist

Компания Босфор, ЧП

Адрес: Киев
Контакт: Виктор Витюк
Телефон: +380965367713

Удаленная работа. В сильную команду требуется HR специалист со знанием английского языка (можно без опыта). Предоставляем полное обучение всем процессам, рост и хорошую зарплату в usd.


  • Advanced English (good speaking skills)
  • Experience of working in American English environment, as well as American English accent would be a good advantage
  • Punctuality and responsibility
  • Ability to work during night time and adapt to US time zone reality
  • Clear understanding of your coordinate system (home /work, work/home)
  • Stable Internet connection (must have additional Internet access such as 3G)

Work conditions:

  • Remote work
  • Full-time schedule: from 16:00 till 01:00 (Kiev time)
  • Five days a week, about 10 hours per day, about 50 hours a week
  • Trial period: 2 months
  • Days-off: Saturday and Sunday

Compensation package for your abilities and your time:

  • Trial period is 2 months: $400 USD/month.
  • Payment methods: Payoneer
  • Payments are biweekly: every Monday
  • After the trial period salary is subject to increase, $600-700 USD depending on results


  • Creation / correction / adjustment of scripts of the interviews with candidates
  • Conducting preliminary interviews
  • Selection of suitable candidates for a particular company
  • Research of market/ technologies / tools in order to find new sources for active and passive recruitment, implementing them
  • Adapting working conditions for applicants according to realities of the market / customer environment
  • Timely implementation of your duties to maintain desired number of employees for every company

Management (task management and staff):

  • Maintain all necessary data about applicants
  • Setting tasks to other employees for successful and efficient interaction with candidates before and after employment
  • Setting targets for changes in contracts / job offers

Email interaction:

  • Writing and rewriting letters with vacancy description for electronic mail-outs
  • Adjusting job description in accordance with realities of the company
  • Composing required documents

Supporting of employees at all stages of interaction (interview process):

  • Assisting employees through Call Support
  • Assisting in preparation of and sending instructions to employees
  • Performing other special tasks regarding this matter

Short description of the hiring process:

  • Working with the database
  • Conducting interviews with candidates
  • Composing templates and writing e-mails to them

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