5 дней назад - 14.04.2021

Senior Auditor


Адрес: Киев, пушкинская 42/4, Площадь Льва Толстого

Job Responsibilities:

  • determine the scope of assignment through interviews with auditees, by analyzing audit objects summary sheets and previous assignment materials and finalize it with the Director of IAD;
  • prepare a risk-oriented audit program covering the scope to be audited and specifying exemptions (if any);
  • prepare a risk diagnosis of audited unit and coordinate audit team;
  • ensure high-quality and timely deliverables as well as their traceability;
  • review consistency of internal control setup, point out orphan risk zones;
  • identify the areas of potential losses, conditions exposing the Bank to fraud, abuse and misappropriation of funds;
  • ensure validation of all assignment facts with auditees (answer process);
  • draft a summary of the assignment providing clear and concise picture of the situation in the audited unit/function from the standpoint of discovered risks;
  • discuss deadlines for recommendation fulfilment with auditees as well as steps/actions to be taken for their implementation during a dedicated debriefing and ensure systematic traceability of these exchanges in MyAudit (MA);
  • present assignment results to the management;
  • ensure proper audit trail of all stages of the investigation both on IAD resource and in MA (incl. by filling out an end-of-assignment checklist in frames of Audit Quality Assurance and Improvement Program);
  • lead special investigations as assigned by the IAD Director;
  • manage/participate in working groups for the update of audit methodology, make proposal for streamlining audit investigation processes;
  • present recurrent anomalies detected during assignments as well as other audit-related subjects at the team meetings;

Key Requirements:

  • audit generalist with experience/background in internal audit of banking sector for +5 years, Ukraine's Regulatory environment, and managing audit assignments.
  • extensive working experience in banking (5Y+)
  • flexible, reliable and autonomous (able to conduct an assignment on his/her own under supervision of IAD's Director from diagnosis to final conclusions)
  • strong quality of analysis and critical thinking based on risk approach
  • good level of writing skills for reports, summaries and presentations to Management
  • good command of English (able to write, debrief and present results to Board Members)
  • must be able to work as a real «team leader», to take the lead and responsibility, share his/her knowledge, monitor/motivate/ groom auditors
  • CAATs (IT tools) will be a plus
  • make/validate follow-up of recommendations issued by both Internal and External Audit in frames of controlled and continuous follow-up according to established internal methodology;
  • perform other tasks as assigned

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